Bengaluru Pubs, Malls Can Open For 24 Hours; Overtime Must For Staff Working 8+ Hours

Karnataka Government allows shops and other businesses to open for all; protocols of safety for employees of such establishments.
Karnataka Government allows shops and other businesses to open for all; protocols of safety for employees of such establishments.

In a notable move taken by the Karnataka government, all shops and commercial establishments, with at least 10 (and more) employees will now be allowed to operate on a 24 hour basis, everyday.

This move taken by the State government on Jan 2, aims at generating employment and accelerating economic growth.

There are however, a series of rules and regulations set by the state govt, published in a circular, which ensures safe and healthy work rules for employees of such establishments.

The state government has also added that the undermentioned rules and system will be applicable in the state for a period of 3 years.

Let’s see what these rules are and what happens if an employer walks past them.

No Employee Allowed to Work More than 8 Hours a Day

The state government has rolled out circular stating all the rules, which must be compulsorily followed by all employers.

Regarding working hours, the circular reads that no employer shall allow any person employed to work for more than eight hours in a day and forty-eight hours in any week.

It also adds that the period of work including overtime shall not exceed ten hours in any day.

If an employee is made to work over eight hours in a day, he/she will be paid an overtime allowance.

Furthermore, all employees will be entitled to at least one week-off.

Safety for Women Employees

The state government’s order holds strong grounds for rules applicable to ensure safety measures for female employees.

It states that no woman employee will be allowed to work beyond 8.00 PM on any day.

However, if a female employee is needed for work between 8.00 PM and 6 AM, the employer must compulsorily obtain a written consent from her, for allowing the same.

In this case, the employer is also needed to provide adequate protection to her dignity, honour and safety, states the government.

It strictly adds that any employer/manager found violating its directives regarding shift timings, will face action.

“If employees are found working on any holiday or after normal duty hours without proper indent of overtime, penal action shall be initiated against the employer/Manager as laid down in the Karnataka Shops and Establishments Act and Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishments Rules,” the notification read.

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