Here’s What iPhone 13 Retail Box Will Come Without

iPhone 13 retail box will up next give another in-box product a miss. After charger and earphones, Apple is said to be removing the USB cable from iPhone 13 retail box. The Cupertino based tech giant is once again doing a survey for an opinion via a new survey. This time iPhone 13 retail box will not come with the USB cable, as per the reports.

Here’s What iPhone 13 Retail Box Will Come Without

As Apple is trying to cut down on carbon footprint, they have been discarding in-box products one by one.

At the iPhone 12 launch Apple announced they will remove the charging adapter and the EarPods from all the iPhone retail boxes in future. Now they are surveying some users whether they use the charging adapter inside the box.

Apple is once again asking for a similar opinion via a new survey. Probably Apple will now cut off the USB cable which comes within the iPhone box. Among the questions in the survey, Apple also asked if users are satisfied with the FaceID authentication tech. The company is probably working on a few alternatives as well.

14.2 iOS Update Killing 50 Percent Battery In 30 Minutes

The latest iOS 14.2 update is said to be killing 50 percent of the battery on iPhones in just 30 minutes. Not only battery drain, multiple users have reported that after the update iPhones are restarting on their own. Also, after the battery drain, some phones are rebooting on their own, and again the battery surged up.

iOS 14.2 was recently found to be unexpectedly bumping up the FaceTime video resolution on older iPhones.

Several users have complained on the official developer forum and Reddit that iOS 14.2 is killing the battery life of iPhones very fast. Apple has previously been charged with intentionally slowing down old iPhones and adding glitchware to kill battery faster.

The issue is being faced mainly by users of iPhone XS, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S and the first-gen iPhone SE from 2017. Apple is yet to release a new update, but the company is usually very quick in rolling out updates to fix such issues. A maintenance update is expected in next one week.

Also: iPhone 12 Series Not Waterproof, Apple Lied, Fined In Italy

The new Apple phones are waterproof, at least what the company claims. But the real story behind is a little different, and Apple has been making false claims. The all-new Apple iPhone 12 series is being marketed as safe to drown upto 30 minutes under water, but in real they aren’t.

For the same Apple has been fined €10 million (around $12 million or 840 crores) in Italy.

The devices are being advertised as water resistant, but the devices are not. Italy’s antitrust authority said the commercials are misleading. As per the regulator, Apple have advertised the new iPhones as water resistant without clarifying their water resistance ratings.

The advertisements showing the new iPhone 12 series can stay under water upto 30 minutes also have disclaimers below that the phones aren’t covered by warranty in case of damage from liquids. 

Apple has been also blamed to be tricking customers through disclaimers. So, the authority has held Apple under misleading customers as the customer will be provided no support for the damage caused to their phones with water and other liquids as the company claimed the devices are water resistant.

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