Google Employees Will Work From Office For Just 3 Days A Week; WFH Extended Till September!

Google Employees Will Work From Office For Just 3 Days A Week; WFH Extended Till September!
Google Employees Will Work From Office For Just 3 Days A Week; WFH Extended Till September!
  • Google extended WFH till September 2021
  • The company plans to implement ‘flexible workweek’ in which staff will be expected to work in the office for 3 days in a week.

Google has once again extended the WFH for its employees by a few more months. This time the policy is going to be applicable till September of the next year. 

The company has also come up with some new initiatives to adapt to the post pandemic situation.

Till When Has Google Extended WFH?

Google was one of the first companies that suggested its employees to work remotely in the initial stages of virus outbreak in march.

Previously Google has extended the WFH deadline from January 2021 to July 2021 just like its counterparts like other tech giants Flipkart and Amazon.

But according to the latest reports, Sundar Pichai, chief executive of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, informed his staff about the extension in WFH policy through an email on Sunday. 

Google has pushed the WFH deadline till September next year.

What Is Google Going To Experiment In Its WFH Policy?

Though Google has extended WFH for its employees by a few months, the company also has some plans that might change dynamics the way work is done in companies.

The company has come up with an initiative named “flexible workweek” through which the company is trying to create a ‘hybrid work force model model’. Sundar Pichai mentioned in his email, that according to this plan the employees will have to work at least three day in the office and the other days of the week in the office. The plan will be tested once the pandemic situation allows it to return to the office safely. 

“We are testing a hypothesis that a flexible work model will lead to greater productivity, collaboration, and well-being,” Pichai wrote in the email.

Is Google Also Planning to adopt Flexible Workplaces?

Along with flexible workweek the company has yet another unique plan in mind. According to the New York Times, the company is planning to set up new offices in areas where risks of getting affected by the virus is minimal. It is also planning to book collaborative places for employees so that they get quieter places outside their home. Google even plans to offer reservable desks at its offices.

Google has always set an example for other companies not only in terms of its product and services but also with regards to the environment it provides to its workers. The casual infrastructure, free snakes and de-stressed work environment is what every employee dreams off. With the whole new initiative like flexible workplaces and flexible workweek, Google has proven that it cares for its employees yet again.  

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