41,000 Capgemini Employees Get 30 Lakh ESOP Shares! Capgemini’s 6% Now Owned By Employees

41,000 Capgemini Employees Get 3 Million ESOP Shares! Capgemini's 6% Now Owned By Employees
41,000 Capgemini Employees Get 3 Million ESOP Shares! Capgemini’s 6% Now Owned By Employees

  • 6% Of the company Now Owned by the Employees
  • The ESOP experienced an enormous subscription rate of 174%

The seventh edition of Employee Share Ownership Plan of Capgemini launched on September 16 has been overwhelming for the company. The multinational cooperation in consulting, digital transformation and outsourcing services offered the ESOP to 96% of the employees.

How successful was the ESOP?

The global leader recently announced that their current ESOP has been highly successful with an enormous subscription rate of 174%. The number of subscribed shares added up to 3 million which constitutes 1.8% of the Group’s share capital.  16% of the company’s total eligible staff which is around 41,000 employees, from 26 participating countries, showed interest in the shareholding plans. The recent employee share ownership plan

What was Capgemini’s exact ESOP?

According to the terms and conditions of the employee shareholding plan, the shares were subscribed at a price of 92.93 euros per unit. This is 87% of the reference price of 106.20 euros.

Through the share buyback executed recently on October 7, the company can also repurchase the exact number of shares in case of cancellations. For that, the transactions will be carried out without affecting the shareholders that already exist.

What will the company achieve through this ESOP?

The company aims to benefit the employees through this plan by giving them a sense of ownership of the company. This also motivates the employees to contribute more in the development and performance of the company. Hence Capgemini has also included it in its group’s policy.

Aiman Ezzat, the current CEO of Capgemini has shown his delight over the success of the recent ESOP. “The success of this seventh edition of our employee shareholding plan is a testament to our confidence in our ability to build an inclusive and sustainable future together, particularly in the context of the pandemic that is raging around the world” he quoted.

The ESOP has resulted in a capital increase of 278.8 million euros which is scheduled for 17 December this year. With such an effective employee shareholding plan, the company sets an exemplary example of ensuring effective growth of the company and the employees simultaneously.

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