UAE Gives 10-Year Golden Visa For These Skills & Jobs; Class 10th Students Eligible

UAE Gives 10-Year Golden Visa For These Skills & Jobs; Class 10th Students Eligible
UAE Gives 10-Year Golden Visa For These Skills & Jobs; Class 10th Students Eligible

The United Arab Emirates will extend its “golden” visa system to grant 10-year residency in the Gulf state to certain professionals, specialized degree-holders and others, according to the Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum announcement.

Golden Visa Offering

On Sunday, the Dubai leader informed in a tweet about the latest developments.

The visa grant will be offered to “all holders of doctorate degrees, all doctors, engineers in the fields of computer engineering, electronics, programming, electricity and biotechnology, outperforming accredited universities in the country at a rate of 3.8 and more,” as per the rough translation on twitter.

Till now, the foreigners in the UAE have renewable visas which were valid for only a few years tied to employment. 

But in the past couple of years, the government has made its visa policy more flexible, for providing longer residencies for certain types of investors, students and professionals.

They have termed it as ‘Golden residency’.

Eligibility For Golden Residency Visa

According to its rules,  it will also be granted to “holders of specialized degrees in artificial intelligence, big data, or epidemiology and viruses ..”

In addition to that, the visa opportunities also will be available for “first high school students in the country with their families,” he added.

“We want such minds and talents to remain continue with us in the process of development and achievements of the country,” the rough translation of the tweet says.

 In 2018, they have  announced a long-term visa plan.

From 2019, the UAE started granting 5- and 10-year renewable visas to certain foreign investors, entrepreneurs, chief executives, scientists and outstanding students.

In September, they said that they would grant visas renewable every five years to wealthy foreign retirees.

Taking Part In Vaccine Trials

So far, over 400 investors and businesspeople, including some of their families, have already been granted the visa  and dozens more are receiving it each day.

In the meantime, the PM of Dubai has been taking productive steps in ensuring a Covid-19 vaccine for the citizens due to the coronavirus spread.

They had also received an experimental coronavirus vaccine, becoming the latest United Arab Emirates official to take part in the trials.

The UAE’s economy has been hit by the coronavirus pandemic and low oil prices, prompting many expatriates to leave, being an oil and gas producer.

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