Work From Home Ends For 1.75 Lakh Wipro Employees After January 18, 2021? (Official Email)

Work From Home Ends For 1.75 Lakh Wipro Employees After January 18, 2021? (Official Email)
Work From Home Ends For 1.75 Lakh Wipro Employees After January 18, 2021? (Official Email)

The Bengaluru-based IT services provider, Wipro has extended work from home duration to January 18 for all of its employees in India and the United States as the Covid-19 pandemic keeps on spreading in these countries.

Work From Home For 90% Of Employees

So far, Wipro’s major workforce, which is around  90% of the total workforce belongs to these two countries.

About this extension, earlier Wipro wrote to employees about the extension of WFH and also mentioned other guidelines for those who need to go to office remain unchanged until January next year.

While talking about the employees present in other countries Wipro said it would take decisions on WFH for other countries depending on the situation.

 The Chief operating officer Bhanumurthy B and chief human resources officer Saurabh Govil wrote, “During these trying times, our paramount focus remains the safety and wellbeing of our employees. The virus has impacted some countries more than others,” in an email to employees.

Further, the email read, “Given the current situation, we have decided to extend work from home for employees in India and in the US until January 18, 2021. We will make a decision on other countries depending on the pandemic situation, local guidelines and customer requirements,”.

So far,  Wipro has more than 185,000 employees and most of them working in its centers spread all over India.

Other IT Firms Take On WFH

This all began at the end of March when Indian IT services firms like Wipro, Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, HCL Tech and many others have asked more than 90% of their employees to work from home as a nationwide lockdown began due to pandemic.

With the work from home, most of the IT firms have recorded higher productivity, but in some cases, it reduced after four months in some specific areas.

Work From Home Implementation In Wipro

According to Wipro, they have got approval for the majority of the clients to allow their employees to work from home.

“All support and non-billable employees, including those who are currently not engaged in any projects, are advised to work from home after consulting their respective managers,” said Wipro in its email to employees.

The Wipro Chairman, Rishad Premji said, “The model (of working) will not be back to its earlier form and shape. I do not think everybody will come back to the office,” in a virtual event in September.

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