Coronavirus: 36% Indian Employees Have Mental Health Issues; 61% Stressed, Angry

Coronavirus: 36% Indian Employees Have Mental Health Issues; 61% Stressed, Angry
Coronavirus: 36% Indian Employees Have Mental Health Issues; 61% Stressed, Angry

The ongoing pandemic has not only affected our physical health, but it has also affected our mental health to a great extent.


Employee Well-Being Survey, 2020

Now the same is proven by the survey by HR and well-being firm The7thFold which reveals that 36% of India Inc employees have reported that their mental health has worsened versus 17% for physical health.

It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that Mental health has become one of the most important concerns since the start of this pandemic.

Moving ahead, The7thFold’s ‘Employee Well-Being Survey, 2020’ mainly talks about the impact of the current pandemic on the mental and physical well-being of employees in India. 

The survey was conducted with 509 respondents across metro cities and diverse sectors during July and August.

Employee Well-Being Survey Findings

The main aim of this survey was to recognise the distress faced by employees during these uncertain times.

Also, to understand the role of organisational support and benefits in the new normal which is work from home for most.

The survey findings indicate that employees below the salary of Rs. 5 lakhs per annum were more vulnerable.

Further, their biggest sources of stress were personal finances (55%) and career prospects (53%).

While 35% of employees who belong to the annual salary of Rs. 21 – 30 lakhs per annum reported burnout and poorest mental well-being scores.

When we talk about the self-employed category, it was slightly better placed in terms of overall well-being as compared to others. 

On the other hand, 45% of employees who are working for an employer complained of anxiety or depression compared to 30% of those who were self-employed. 

What About Work From Home?

In the case of employees working from home, 44% of them reported feelings of anxiety. 

While at least, 26% reported boredom who worked full-time from their workplace.

Another, 28% of work-from-home employees reported burnout with 48% feeling stressed due to task deadlines.

On the other side, 35% of employees were worried about self/ family’s mental health while working from home.

Unemployed Mental Health

During this time, the mental health of the unemployed was the worst. 

In this case, 47% reported anxiety with 61% of them feeling stressed and while 42% feeling anger. 

60% showed stress due to uncertainty of the future and 61% for career growth. 

The survey also revealed that the blended model of working from home and workplace showed more benefits than full-time from home/workplace model.

The survey conducting firm, The7thFold is an HR and well-being organisation which primarily focuses on building culture, mental well-being and performance through various people interventions. 

The firm is also engaged in employee well-being online programmes and online interventions apart from holistic wellness programmes.

Recently, Govt of India had also launched a helpline named KIRAN – which is a 24×7 helpline for people to seek mental health counselling and one can get help and support by calling in the toll-free no – 1800-599-0019.

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