Get Cheap Flight Ticket If Train Ticket Not Confirmed! How This Startup Works?

Get Cheap Flight Ticket If Train Ticket Not Confirmed! How This Startup Works?
Get Cheap Flight Ticket If Train Ticket Not Confirmed! How This Startup Works?

Can you imagine the stress and troubles you will have to go through if your train ticket does not get confirmed?


Troubles With Waiting List

But now, no worries there because if you got listed on the waiting list or RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation), then still you have a chance to get a confirmed seat.

Imagine the case when your name is not on the list, then you have only two options, either buy a general compartment ticket or have a standing journey.

Millions of travelers have to go through this suffering as there is no option left during emergencies.

Another solution is to purchase a flight ticket at the end moment which will cost you a lot where you will have to pay almost four or five times the actual cost for the journey.

Rise Of A New Travelling Option

The same has happened with Rohan, but to make a difference, he has researched about predicting the chances of getting a confirmed ticket while waiting for his flight.

While going through the air travel he observed that only 15-20% of the seats were empty.

In further research on the Directorate General of Civil Aviation website, he found out that almost 50,000 empty seats on flights each day.

So, Rohan thought, “if only all those waitlisted passengers could get to Bhuj at train prices – into reality,”.

Rohan’s cumbersome experience gave birth to Railofy after four years in Mumbai in September 2019 by  Rohan, Vaibhav Saraf, and Hrishabh Sanghvi (alumni of ISB, IIT and IIM respectively).

Basically, Railofy is a startup that aims to eliminate the problem of the railway waiting list which began its operations in January 2020.

How Does Bookings Work in Railofy?

It’s simple if the ticket is not confirmed post chart preparation, Railofy provides a flight close to the price of a train ticket or bus to the destination. 

Here it is noteworthy that the price for flight/bus options is fixed at the time of purchasing WL & RAC protection itself.

This way they ensure that the passengers are shielded from last-minute rising fares.

The traveler simply has to login to their website and pay an average nominal fee of Rs 200 to buy the protection.

During the registration, the website will reveal the price of the flight ticket

You will have to pay for the flight ticket only after chart preparation is out and your name is not listed.

Here users will only lose the protection fee which ranges from Rs 50 to Rs 500.

This arrangement provides the option of getting confirmed flight tickets in case of the unconfirmed rail ticket.

Steps For Getting Railofy Protection

Step 1 – Go to the homepage of their website and enter the PNR or RAC number and choose the protection (Waitlist protection or Waitlist + RAC protection).

Step 2- Now choose an alternate travel option, which is flight or bus to the destination.

Step 3- On selection, the app will show the price of the ticket and locks it until your journey date. 

Step 4- You can also choose the flight slots from three options provided by the website.

Step 5 – Now complete the process by paying the protection fee asked by the website.

After this till the date of the journey, Railofy monitors the PNR, and if the ticket is not confirmed post chart preparation, the Railofy team will reach out via email to provide the flight ticket at the locked price.

Meanwhile,  the railway will also process a refund for you.

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