After PUBG Ban, Akshay Kumar Launches FAU-G Game With Stock Image As Poster

After PUBG Ban, Akshay Kumar Launches FAU-G Game With Stock Image As Poster
After PUBG Ban, Akshay Kumar Launches FAU-G Game With Stock Image As Poster

Within 48 hours of the ban on popular game PUBG which had more than 3 crore active users in India, Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has launched a new game called FAU-G.

As the name and the poster suggests, this new game aims to counter PUBG’s popularity and demand, but one thing which troubled several social media users is the usage of a stock image as the poster.

Can FAU-G beat PUBG?

Akshay Kumar’s New Patriotic Game: FAU-G

Via social media platforms, Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has announced the launch of a new game called FAU-G, which has been provided a patriotic angle.

Akshay Kumar has described Fearless And United Guards or FAU-G as a multiplayer action game, similar to PUBG.

There is a patriotic angle to this game as well, since 20% of the net revenues will be donated to Army fund called BharatKeVeer.

Akshay has claimed that this new game will enable the gamers to learn more about the sacrifices of Indian soldiers.

The message was shared on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

The game is being developed by nCore Games, backed by veteran serial entrepreneur Vishal Gondal, who has launched India’s most successful wearable tech company GOQii.

In 2011, he sold his gaming company: IndiaGames to DisneyUTVDigital for $100 million.

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But.. Why Stock Image As Poster?

As soon as the poster for FAU-G was launched, social media users declared that the poster is a edited stock image, which has been extensively used earlier by other publications, and even a band.

The stock image used by Akshay Kumar while announcing the launch of FAU-G has been uploaded at ShutterStock, a fairly popular name for buying stock images.

If we search this stock image, then it has been used by US based military blogs like this, and political blogs like this.

A Redditor also revealed its usage in Youtube playlist.

Usage of stock image is perfectly fine, and pretty common as well. But in a high-stake game launch, an image or graphics from the game is used, to give an idea about the game, and give a sneak-peek to the gamers. 

Besides, there are several unanswered questions related to this sudden announcement of a multiplayer action game which seems to directly challenge PUBG, launched within days of the ban on PUBG.

Game experts are stating that a game of the level of PUBG takes atleast 8-12 months to develop, and there is no way FAU-G can be launched so quickly. Others are stating that Akshay Kumar announced this game to stay ahead of the curve, and the actual launch will happen later.

None the less, a very interesting Make In India moment here, and if FAU-G can indeed beat the popularity of PUBG, then it can create history.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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