Vodafone Fails To Convert Postpaid SIM To Prepaid In 5 Years; Rs 7000 Fine Imposed

Vodafone Fails To Convert Postpaid SIM To Prepaid In 5 Years; Rs 7000 Fine Imposed
Vodafone Fails To Convert Postpaid SIM To Prepaid In 5 Years; Rs 7000 Fine Imposed

As per the reports, Thane District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission has ordered Vodafone Idea to pay Rs 7,000 fine to a consumer for deficiency in services on his request of converting his postpaid SIM card to a prepaid facility.

How Did This Happen?

According to Javed Yusuf Shaikh, the complainant who belongs to Thane city informed the commission that he wanted his postpaid SIM card to be converted to prepaid for which he followed all procedures, paid the charges for the same at a Thane gallery and got a new SIM card also on March 9, 2014.

The service provider promised him that his SIM card would be converted to prepaid within two to three days which apparently did not happen.

In the meantime, the telecom company which is Vodafone Essar Limited has also issued the bills to him for the postpaid services.

On the complainant’s part, he paid the bill for uninterrupted service.

The service provider disconnected the service on the said mobile number in July 2014, Despite the payments of the bills.

So, when the company failed to pay heed to his request for conversion of the SIM card from postpaid to prepaid, the complainant approached the consumer forum seeking Rs 9 lakh as compensation.

In addition to that, Rs 20,000 towards the litigation cost from the telecom company and the gallery in Thane.

What Does Vodafone Say?

According to the opponent, they have made several correspondences and calls made to the complainant for submission of payment receipt in PDF format, still, he failed to comply. 

Hence, the complainant’s application request for converting his mentioned mobile number from postpaid to prepaid could not be processed.

What Was The Verdict?

After listening to both sides of the stories, the commission’s presiding member S Z Pawar and member Poonam V Maharshi in the order issued earlier this month.

According to the verdict, the opponents failed to provide the necessary service to the complainant and in addition to that, they compelled him to run from pillar-to-post for the redressal of such a small issue.

the commission said, “We have no hesitation to hold that the opponents rendered deficient service and also indulged in unfair trade practice towards the complainant,”.

The opponents are jointly and severally liable to pay the complainant a compensation of Rs 5,000 towards mental agony and harassment, and Rs 2,000 for the litigation cost within 60 days from receipt of the order, failing which they shall be liable to pay six percent interest on the compensation amount of Rs 5,000, the commission said.

Additionally, they also ordered the opponents to convert the complainant’s SIM card to a prepaid facility.

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