#Coronavirus Impact: Bank Employees Again Demand 5-Day Working Week To Reduce Risk

#Coronavirus Impact: Bank Employees Again Demand 5-Day Working Week To Reduce Risk
Coronavirus Impact: Bank Employees Again Demand 5-Day Working Week To Reduce Risk

Bank employee unions have demanded for a five day working week in light of the Coronavirus disease, and to stop it from spreading further.

The same request was made by the Union in January, which was turned down by the Indian Banks’ Association.

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Bank Employees Union Asks For Five Day Working Week To Protect From COVID-19

The All India Bank Employees Association has issued a statement wherein they revealed the scare that the COVID-19 disease has managed to create across the banker community. Bank employees have to deal with the public on a daily basis. The employees’ union feels like a five day working week is crucially needed in this critical situation.

While the entire country has been in a continuous lockdown, bank employees haven’t had the safety of working from their homes and have had to go to their workplaces and continue working.

As of now, bank employees have holidays on the second and fourth Saturdays every month and on every Sunday. 

Working In Banks Every Day Stressful For Bank Employees

Deepak Sharma, the president of All India State Bank Officers Federation, said that the working conditions in the banks have been quite stressful for the employees. 

He said, “Poor infrastructure, lack of adequate staff has made the officers work till late in the night, resulting in poor health, huge pressure on the officers, which culminates in serious work-leisure mismatches, life style diseases and of late, repeated acts of suicides being committed by the officers of the Banks.”

He also said that this would be a positive step in the PM Modi’s Digital India initiative. He also said that officers are frequently called in to work on holidays and SUndays even, which disturbs their personal lives. 

The association also talked about how the entire world is seeking a week of only 4 working days, whereas India is still looking to work the bankers five days a week.  

Prior to this, the Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) had rejected the same proposal put forth by the bank employees’ unions in January, and gave them a 19 % pay raise instead. 

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