Cheapest International Flights To US, Europe, UAE From India In July/August: Save Money On Air Tickets!

Cheapest International Flights To US, Europe, UAE From India In July/August: Save Money On Air Tickets!

Cheapest International Flights To US, Europe, UAE From India In July/August: Save Money On Air Tickets!

India has established air bubbles with a few countries, basically an agreement to regulate the international passenger air travel. Now, air travel to the US, Europe, Middle East is now open via multiple airlines. 

As these air bubbles are negotiations between nations and not normal air travel, the flight rates are on a high end of things. However, here are by far the cheapest flight fares to the UAE, US and Europe!

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India-UAE Flights

Currently, India has negotiated a 15-day air bubble with UAE which is going to end soon on July 26. This is expected to extend owing to surging demand for India-UAE route. 

Air India, Emirates, Etihad and Air Arabia are operating on India-UAE routes. Flights are available from cities in India like Mumbai, Delhi, , Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad among others to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.

Though there is surging demand for India-UAE route, the Indian and UAE airlines are not that competitive when it comes to fare prices.The Emirates and Etihad tickets selling for under Rs 20,000. Flights between Mumbai and Dubai, Abu Dhabi are available for as low as Rs 14,000. On an average, flights to UAE from various cities cost up to Rs 20,000 on flyDubai and Air India Express.

On the India-UAE route, with a range of airlines to choose from and similar price range, flyers can choose any airline they want.

India-US Flights

The current air bubble with the US is going to end on 31st July but is likely to be extended.

United Airlines and Air India operate on the India-US route connecting multiple cities in both the countries. United operates one flight daily from Delhi to Newark and thrice-weekly from Delhi to San Francisco. United will operate a total of 18 flights between July 17 and July 31, 2020. On the other hand, Air India is operating 180 repatriation flights between July 22 and July 31, 2020 under Vande Bharat mission phase 4. The Indian carrier is mainly connecting Mumbai and Delhi with a few technical stops in other Indian cities with Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, and New York (both EWR and JFK).

The American and Indian carriers are battling for lower flight rates. In the earlier phases of Vande Bharat Mission, Air India was charging 50% more than what it is charging now. Air India is selling its tickets at Rs 51,000 for US flights. United is pricing its one-way Delhi to Newark flights from Rs 57,000 and San Francisco flights for Rs 67,000. 

On India-US routes, Air India with a wide ranged flight operating portfolio is the cheapest option as of now.

India-Europe Flights

Another route in high demand is the India-Europe route. The destinations in high demand are Paris, Frankfurt and London. India is set to sign an air bubble with Germany, the UK and a few other countries in the coming weeks. India has established an air bubble with France as of now.

Air India is flying a handful of flights to Europe on a charter basis. It is set to operate 7 flights from India to London between July 26 and July 30. The airline also has 18 flights scheduled to Paris, 24 to Frankfurt, and 2 to Amsterdam until August.

The other airline operating on Europe routes is Air France. It is operating 28 flights until July 31, connecting Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore to only Paris. However, passengers can book connecting flights with Air France,if they want to fly to other European destinations.

Air India has a flight fare of around Rs 39,970 for a one-way flight on European routes. These prices too have dropped by 25% from the original fares, as other airlines have started operating.On the other hand, Air France is pricing one-way flights between India and Paris at just ?33,190 with additional costs for connecting flights. This fare is quite close to the pre-pandemic one-way fare for direct European flights.

The game is expected to change meaning fares will likely drop once the premium airline, Lufthansa starts operating. 

On the India-Europe route, currently, Air France seems the cheaper choice than Air India. 

It should be noted that in these unprecedented times of COVID-19, the flight rates are as dynamic as they ever were. In other words, flight rates might be high today, low tomorrow or vice versa. And the prices could vary significantly if you book close to the departure dates! 

Click here for a full July and August flight schedule of Air India’s repatriation flights.

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