5-Days Working Week Announced For 20 Lakh Govt. Employees In This State

5-Days Working Week Announced For 20 Lakh Govt. Employees In This State
5-Days Working Week Announced For 20 Lakh Govt. Employees In This State

The demand for 5-days working week among bank employees and Govt. employees have been increasing at a rapid pace, since last few years.

Slowly and gradually, this is becoming a reality.

Atleast in this Indian state.

5-Days Working Week For All Govt. Employees In Maharashtra

Maharashtra has become the 2nd Indian state to announce 5-days working week for all Govt. employees. 

There are 20 lakh Govt employees working for Govt of Maharashtra, and this new working regime will be applicable for all these employees, which also includes officers.

These 20 lakh employees are part of government, semi-government and local bodies in Maharashtra.

This decision was finalized after a high-level Cabinet meeting chaired by chief minister Uddhav Thackeray concluded.

Demand For 5-Days Working Week

Last year, Sikkim became the first state in India to introduce 5-day working week for all State Govt. employees.

This decision was taken by Sikkim CM PS Golay, days after he took oath as the new CM.

As per the CM, 5-days working week helps to increase the productivity of employees, and this claim has been backed by several kinds of research as well.

Bank Employees To Demanding 5-Days Working Week

Employees of public sector banks too have been demanding 5-days working week since long.

In fact, lakhs of bank employees will hold a massive strike in the month of March, demanding implementation of 5-days working week, and salary issues.

This will be their third strike in 2020, for the same reasons.

In banks, as of now, 1st and 3rd Saturdays are working, and 2nd and 4th Saturdays are weekly offs. Earlier, Saturday used to be a half-working day for public sector bank employees.

Interestingly, Central Govt. employees have been enjoying a 5-days working week since 1985, when the Govt. decided to introduce this norm.

In 2014, the 5-days working week was changed to 6-days working week for some administrative offices.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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