JioMeet vs Zoom vs Google Meet vs Microsoft Teams: The Best Video Conferencing App?

Which is the best video conferencing app in India? JioMeet the best? Best video call conferencing app? JioMeet vs Zoom? Can JioMeet beat Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom Meeting? Who’s the top video conferencing apps? Here’s everything you need to know about the best video conferencing apps.

JioMeet vs Zoom vs Google Meet vs Microsoft Teams: The Best Video Conferencing App?

Zoom is said to be considering the take the legal route against JioMeet, the newly-launched competitor app from Reliance Jio, the JioMeet.

Both Zoom and JioMeet resemble each other screen by screen and both apps have a similar UI and app design. JioMeet is tipped to be working to change its UI as Zoom may soon take some legal action for having a similar user interface with a screen-to-screen same features and options.

Here’s a quick comparison between the best video call apps for businesses and individuals.

..JioMeetZoomGoogle MeetTeams
PlatformsWindows, Mac, Android, iOSWindows, Mac, Android, iOSAndroid, iOS, Computer BrowserWindows, Mac, Android, iOS
Sign InNot neededNot neededNot neededNot needed
ChargesFreeStarting at $14.99 per monthStarting at $10 per monthStarting at $12.5 per month (business)
Free CallsFree unlimitedFree till 40 minutesFree till 60 minutesFree till 60 minutes
ParticipantsUpto 250Upto 1000Upto 250Upto 1000
Time Limit24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours
Video QualityHD 720pHD 720pHD 720pHD 720p
Mobile AppAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Host ControlControl microphone, camera, remove anyone as neededControl microphone, camera, remove anyone as neededControl microphone, camera, remove anyone as neededControl microphone, camera, remove anyone as needed
SecurityEncryption for video callsEnd-to-end encryption for video callsEncryption for video callsEncryption for video calls



JioMeet, the new video calling app from Reliance Jio is a screen to screen copy of Zoom. The UI exactly matches the Zoom interface. It uses your mobile number or email address to host unlimited free video calls unlike Zoom. You can add up to 100 participants with unlimited free calls. JioMeet can be used to host 24-hour-long uninterrupted meetings, free of cost.

In comparison, free Zoom plan can be used to host a meeting for a maximum of 40 minutes. JioMeet has password-protected meeting links, waiting rooms, share screen options, chat options and everything you get to do on Zoom, all free on JioMeet.

Zoom Meeting

The recent security debacle throws in multiple questions at Zoom Meeting being not a credible video conferencing platform. Though many continue to use it, the video conferencing application has been working on to have more security features such as waiting-room and such to avoid Zoom Bombing.

Zoom Meeting mainly caters to businesses. It was never a consumer video conferencing app, and only served the purposes of a large number of users at a time.

Zoom Meeting has one of the easy interfaces to be used making it a top choice among all users. It offers a good mix of tools, additional features and access enriching the video experience. You can also enable various backgrounds on Zoom Meeting and tweak audio controls.

Google Meet

Google Hangouts Meet became Google Meet recently. It’s one of the best when it comes to hosting webinars or meetings. Google Meet as its predecessor Hangouts has all the options available as chat, screen share, images, video and location. Google is a cloud-based video-conferencing service generally catering to businesses and corporate clients.

It can be integrated with Google G Suite with up to 250 participants per call and live streaming for up to 100,000 viewers.

Google recently enabled free access to various video conferencing and communications tools for schools and businesses till September 30. 

While Zoom misses out on a number of features, Google Meet offers a complete solution to video conferencing. From easy set-up to letting all join meetings from PCs to mobiles, you at the same time get easy access to all document services with the Google Meet as Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides and such.

Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Teams is a top Zoom alternative for meetings and businesses. The Teams platform by Microsoft is quite popular among workplaces. It’s perfect if you want a safe and secure usage which offers video conferencing to PowerPoint presentations to as many as 10,000 people.

On top, Microsoft Soft as a free Zoom alternative also integrates Office 365. You get to easily share your important documents across Microsoft Word, Excel and other Office apps.

Microsoft Teams supports up to 250 people on a video conference call simultaneously.

Microsoft Teams is now free for enterprises even if their business isn’t licensed for Teams. The company says you can contact your local Microsoft partner or sales representative and get free access to Office 365 E1 plan for a period of six months. For schools and institutions, the Office 365 will remain free to all. 

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