Youtube Is Launching 15-Second Videos: Direct Attack On TikTok’s Dominance?

Youtube Is Launching 15-Second Videos: Direct Attack On TikTok's Dominance?
Youtube Is Launching 15-Second Videos: Direct Attack On TikTok’s Dominance?

Youtube will now start its own video making segment, which quite thoroughly matches the likes of Tik Tok.

Could it be a direct aim on Tik Tok?

We will provide you with all the insights we know about this upcoming feature on the Youtube mobile app, post which you would be able to make your own judgement about this.

Youtube’s New ‘15 second video’ Segment

Youtube announced on Wednesday that it will begin to test a new feature, which can be used on the Youtube app.

Using this feature, users will be able to make 5-second long multi-segment videos.

If you know anything about Tik Tok, that’s the same duration as used by the Chinese platform, for users to record a video.

Similarities between Youtube and Twitter’s Features

Users in the new YouTube experiment will see an option to “create a video” in the mobile upload flow.

  • Users in the Youtube feature can too tap and hold the record button to record their videos.
  • Similar to Tik Tok, the video ends when you tap once or release the play button, to stop recording.
  • YouTube will combine the clips and upload it as one single video when the recording completes, just like Tik Tok.
  • Since this ’15 second clip’ only has been rolled out, Youtube users wanting to record mobile video content longer than this duration, cannot.
  • Instead, they will have to record the video on another device and upload it on Youtube, in order to record and post a video long than 15s.

Youtube Provides no Information on Technical Details

Despite announcing to release its own ‘Tik-Tok’ like video making feature, Youtube did not bother providing other details on the test.

It didn’t provide any details related to filters, effects, music, AR, or buttons to change the video speed. We are significantly mentioning these features because these are what makes Tik Tok what it is today, not just the video’s length or its multi-segment recording style.

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