Make In India App: Say Namaste Aims To Dethrone Zoom In India; Now Available On Google Playstore

Make In India App: Say Namaste Aims To Dethrone Zoom In India; Now Available On Google Playstore
Make In India App: Say Namaste Aims To Dethrone Zoom In India; Now Available On Google Playstore

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lifestyles to a large extent. Not only will we have to adapt to it for a longer run but also live with it.

The changes are unprecedented and more so for organisations and companies. With the trend and culture if work from home navigating through high demand waters, our dependency on video conferencing tools have widely increased.

With immense online footprint and a shift towards many sophisticated softwares, which can support a major number of payloads, to smoothly lead calls and conferences, we have learnt to cope up with such times.

One such software that is being used more than the others in such a scenario is Zoom. It is gaining heavy traction not just in the ‘corporate’ world but also is used undoubtedly by schools and colleges to connect to their students in online classes.

However, with multiple security and privacy issues hitting the video calling platform, more and more people are looking for alternatives. One such that has emerged is Google Meet.


The Indian Video Conferencing App

With the Indian PM Narendra Modi wanting to spread and lift the ‘Vocal for Local’ initiative in the country, the government of India urged the citizens to avoid using Zoom.

Zoom has recorded plenty-some security and privacy glitches, to be used this widely and in such times when everyone working from home is highly dependent on video calling platforms.

Many startups have come out with the country’s own video conferencing platforms, one of them is ‘Say Namaste’, developed by Mumbai based startup Inscript.

Say Namaste

The Mumbai based startup, Inscript, have launched the own video conferencing platform ‘Say Namaste’, which was previously available only in the web version, is now available on both Google Play store as well as Apple App Store.

This 100% Indian made product targets the Indian users who are always on a group call to connect with others.

The company’s CEO Anuj Garg stated in an interview that the company mainly focuses on privacy and security very seriously and as an organisation, Say Namaste is completely compliant with GDPR.

Features of Say Namaste Platform that You Must Know About

  • The platform up to 50 participants in a group video call. 
  • Along with this, the app also provides features like screen sharing, text mode, file sharing and more.
  • Speaking of the screen sharing option, it lets the users to easily share screen, while this can be shared by all the participants on the platform/app.
  • You can also chat through text messages during an ongoing video call.
  • With the help of file sharing feature, the users can  share documents, PDFs, presentations, images, video files and a lot more during an ongoing call, with all the participants.

Growing Popularity of Say Namaste

Currently, Say Namaste app has recorded over 100k downloads on Google Playstore, while the app rating is listed with 4.5 stars on both, Play store and App store.

Not just that, with the growing popularity of the platform, the developers too are continually pushing regular updates to improve the app experience. 

According to the latest update, the app has successfully dealt with call quality optimization, fixed crashes, miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements.

Even the process of creating and joining a meeting room is hassle-free in Say Namaste. All you have got to do is click on Start or Join meeting, create code and connect.

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