“Remove China Apps” Permanently Removed From Google Play Store: Here’s The Shocking Reason

"Remove China Apps" Permanently Removed From Google Play Store: Here's The Shocking Reason
“Remove China Apps” Permanently Removed From Google Play Store: Here’s The Shocking Reason

Jaipur-based app, ‘Remove China Apps’ has been removed from the Google Play Store by Google. Earlier, it was reported that Google has also banned Mitron, the Indian app that was offered as an alternative for Tiktok. 

Indians have protested against Google’s actions, and are demanding that the app be put up on the Google Play store again.

Notably, the app has been ranked second on the list of top free apps on Google Play store and also has a huge 4.8-star rating. The downloads of the app have already crossed 10 lakh as well.

Google Takes Down ‘Remove China Apps’; Cites Violation Of Policy

Google has banned Mitron, the Tiktok alternative by an Indian company, which reported 50 lakh users within a few weeks, and Google hasn’t stopped here.

The ‘Remove China apps’ app, developed by a Jaipur-based Indian startup called OneTouchAppLabs has also been taken down by Google. 

The app maker tweeted, “Google has suspended our  #RemoveChinaApps from google play store. Thank you all for your support in the past 2 weeks. “You Are Awesome”

It also gave the users a tip on how to identify which country any particular app is from. The tweet says, “It’s easy to find the origin of any app by searching on google by typing <AppName> origin country.”

As per reports, the app was banned because it violates the Play Store’s policies, viz., Google Play Store’s Deceptive Behaviour Policy. This policy dictates that no app can make such changes to the user’s device settings or features without the permission and knowledge of the user. Also, it cannot “encourage” the app to remove or disable third-party apps.

Indians Protesting Against Google; Want The App To Go Back Up

The boycott against China and all its products is not new in India. It all started with the Youtube Vs Tiktok war and was fuelled by the tensions on the border between the Indian and Chinese army along the Line of Actual Control or LAC.

A lot of people supported the banning of Chinese apps and products, complete with a hashtag going viral on social media (#BoycottChina #BoycottChineseApps). 

Indians are protesting against this move by Google and are asking for the app to be put back up. Some have even tagged the Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, expressing their aggravation, asking him to take necessary action. 

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