TikTok Rival: Mitron App Downloaded 50 Lakh Times; Can It Dethrone TikTok In India?

TikTok Rival: Mitron App Downloaded 50 Lakh Times
TikTok Rival: Mitron App Downloaded 50 Lakh Times

To no one’s surprise, Tiktok has found itself in a whirlwind of controversies yet again, and it has been given the lowest of the ratings it has ever seen on the Google Play Store.

Hitting while the iron is hot is an IIT student from Roorkee, who developed a similar app – Mitron.

As per reports, the app has now recorded five million downloads within only one month of its release!

Find out all the details about Mitron, the app similar to Tiktok, right here!

Mitron TV – App SImilar To TikTok Crosses 5 Million Downloads On Google Play Store

We are all well aware of the Youtube Vs Tiktok war that is being waged on social media. The Tiktok app has been the attraction of many a bad review, especially now that it comes from China, which is the origin of the Coronavirus.

This has led to a student from IIT Roorkee to develop and launch a similar app, Mitron. As per reports, the app has seen more than five million downloads on the Google Play Store and also has a sky high rating of 4.7 stars. 

TikTok, on the other hand, has seen a lowly 1.4 stars, and one of the reasons behind this is its place of origin, China. Both the apps allow users to make and share short videos of entertainment or music among followers. 

Does The Name Mitron Play A Part In Huge Popularity Of The App?

The name of the app Mitron, which literally means friends in Hindi, is probably one of the major reasons why this app has hit the roof. 

Deepak Abbot, co-founder of Flat White Capital and former Sr Vice President at Paytm noted that the name of the app is the reason behind its huge popularity. He tweeted, “IIT Roorkee student has quietly released a Tiktok clone called “Mitron TV” a month back and it has not only achieved 5mn installs, it is now no.2 android app in India thus raking in half a million installs per day. Name of the app is the growth hack here IMO.”

As we all are aware, Mitron is the word with which PM Narendra Modi starts his speeches with while addressing the nation. 

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