Govt Issues Notice To Hexaware For Firing 800 Employees, Stopping Their 3 Months Salaries

Govt Issues Notice To Hexaware For Firing 800 Employees, Stopping Their 3 Months Salaries
Govt Issues Notice To Hexaware For Firing 800 Employees, Stopping Their 3 Months Salaries

Hexaware Technologies, a leading IT firm having headquarters in Navi Mumbai has been served a legal notice by Govt, over firing 800 employees in Pune and Mumbai.

Hexaware has more than 19,000 employees globally, and last year they generated revenues of $790 million.

The Labor Commissioner has issued the notice, based on a complaint filed by the National Information Technology Employees Senate (NITES), which is a nonprofit dedicated to the welfare of IT employees.

Hexaware Fires 200 Employees, Stops Their Salaries

After NITES received complaints from Hexaware employees, they sent a letter to the Labor Commissioner, wherein they mentioned that Hexaware has fired 200 employees, not allowing them to serve notice period, and these employees haven’t been paid salaries since last three months.

Since Govt of Maharashtra has issued a notification on March 31, 2020, wherein every employers has been forbidden from firing employees, and stopping their salaries, this is indeed shocking.

The letter says, “On behalf of NITES, Maharashtra we would like to bring to your notice that we have received complaints from employees of Hexaware Technologies, Hinjewadi, PUNE regarding nonpayment of salary for 3 months and termination of employees to maintain the PROFITABILITY of business under COVID – 19 Pandemic.”

Besides, the letter to the Labor Commissioner mentions that the employees’ salaries have been stopped immediately, and they are not being allowed to serve notice period as well.

Harpreet Saluja, Founder & General Secretary, National Information Technology Employees Senate NITES said, “It is a highly condemnable act by Hexaware Technologies to send around 800 + (200+ in Pune and 600+ in Mumbai) employees on 3 months notice period stating that NO SALARY will be given to them. During this period they are asked to look for a job outside. Also employees are not being paid for notice period which is a forced layoff but in a polite way of keeping employees in the company without paying them for 3 months. “

Here is the copy of the letter:

Labor Commissioner Issues Notice To Hexaware

Based on the complaint filed by NITES, Labor Commissioner office has issued a notice to Hexaware, wherein they have been asked to reverse their decision, pay full salaries to the employees.

Reacting to this development, Harpeet said, “We are thankful to the Labour Commissioner Office for taking cognizance of our complaint and issuing a notice to the Company promptly to stop illegal terminations and unfair labour practices.”

We will keep you updated, as we receive more information. 

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