[Exclusive] Amdocs Pune Fires 150 Employees During Lockdown; Labor Commissioner Issues Notice

[Exclusive] Amdocs Pune Fires 150 Employees During Lockdown; Labor Commissioner Issues Notice
[Exclusive] Amdocs Pune Fires 150 Employees During Lockdown; Labor Commissioner Issues Notice

We have received reports that Amdocs Pune has just fired 150 employees, despite Govt order not to terminate any employee amidst lockdown.

Yesterday we had reported how Systems Plus Technology, another IT firm in Pune had terminated 100 employees, during the lockdown.

Govt has issued clear directives that amidst lockdown, no employee will get fired. It seems IT firms are not paying any attention to these directives, and have stepped up firing of employees to save costs.

Will Govt take action?

Amdocs Pune Terminates 150 Employees

Amdocs employees, who were working from home since the lockdown was announced, received emails from HR, wherein they have been asked to leave the company.

We have received screenshots of one such mail, wherein the employee has been informed that his last working date is May 10th.

We have the screenshots, but to protect the identity of the managers and the employees, we are not publishing them here.

Now, since there is complete lockdown in Pune, these fired employees cannot even go to their offices and pick up their belongings, or ask any questions to the HR.

Besides, they cant even apply for any job, since there is lockdown everywhere.

Suddenly, Amdocs snatched away their livelihood, without any intimation or warning.

Not only is this inhumane, and unethical, but also illegal, since Maharashtra Govt has clearly stated that no employee should be fired during lockdown.

National Information Technology Employees Sena Files Complaint

Because of these sudden terminations of 150 employees, National Information Technology Employees Sena, which is a prominent IT Employees union, has filed a complaint with the Labour Commissioner of Pune. 

Based on this complaint, the Labor Commissioner has issued a notice to Amdocs management in Pune.

We have received a copy of the complaint.

Harpreet Saluja, who is the General Secretary of National Information Technology Employees Sena (NITES) said, “We are daily receiving complaints of from employees of various IT and ITES companies. Keeping in view the Covid-19 pandemic Central Government as well as State government have issued an advisory to all the establishments that no employee shall be terminated from job and the wages shouldn’t be reduced. But a lot of IT companies are flouting the directions of the Central as well as State government. We received complaints from employees of Amdocs phursungi Pune that more than 150 employees are. The company is not replying to the queries of these employees. The company has not provided any relieving or experience letter to these employees. Under lockdown the employees are unable to appear for interviews and join any other company. Hence its has become extremely difficult for these employees to survive. National Information Technology Employees Sena NITES have submitted an official complaint to the Labour Commissioner Office Pune. Acting on complaint of NITES Labour Commissioner Office Pune has issued a notice to the Company.”

Here is the complaint filed by NITES against Amdocs Pune.

This is a developing story, and we will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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