Redmi Note 7 Pro Explodes in Gurgaon; Service Center Blames The User, Tries To Extract Money For Replacement!

Redmi Note 7 Pro Explodes in Gurgaon; Service Center Blames The User, Tries To Extract Money For Replacement!
Redmi Note 7 Pro Explodes in Gurgaon; Service Center Blames The User, Tries To Extract Money For Replacement!

Update: Xiaomi has informed us that the case has been resolved, and the customer is satisfied. It seems that the smartphone was already damaged, before it was brought to the service center.

Here is the statement from Xiaomi:

“At Xiaomi, customer safety is of utmost importance and we take such matters extremely seriously. Quality of our products is a key pillar at Xiaomi and all our devices go through various levels of stringent quality tests attesting to highest standards. Our devices also have third parties validation for our standards of quality and after sales. 

In this particular case, after detailed examination, it was concluded that the device was already physically damaged before it was brought to the service center. The case has been resolved amicably with the customer, ensuring full satisfaction of the consumer. We deeply care for our consumer and are providing all necessary assistance. 

We take pride in having one of the strongest after-sales networks in the country with an aim to solve customer issues seamlessly.”


The Taiwanese smartphone maker Xiaomi has climbed up the charts and secured the 1st place in terms of smartphone purchase in the Indian market, topping Samsung. Being an excellent budget-friendly phone, Xiaomi has stood as the major choice for a vast range of millennials.

However in recent news, a man from Gurgaon has reported a complaint against the Chinese phone maker, claiming that on his Xiaomi phone exploding and incinerating his bag, when he registered a complaint in the service centre, the officials blamed the man himself for the blast.

Xiaomi Phone Blasts for a Gurgaon Man

Gurgaon-based Vikesh Kumar is left shaken, as his Redmi Note 7 Pro unit exploded spontaneously within seconds of heating up in his pocket.

In a post, he has published that his phone exploded due to a battery blast, resulting in setting his bag on fire and leaving it incinerated too. He claimed that since his purchase of the smartphone in December’19, he has always been charging it via the bundled charger provided.

The incident happened yesterday. As per Kumar, the Redmi Note 7 Pro unit was at 90% charge when he reached his workplace. Realizing that his smartphone’s temperature was rising up steadily, he took the phone out of his pocket and saw fumes emitting from the battery and threw it towards his bag.

This was when the phone exploded and set the bag on fire, completely destroying it within minutes. In fact, the fire grew so big that it could not be put out without using a fire extinguisher.

Kumar says that he could have suffered physical damage had he delayed immersing the phone out of his pocket.

Xiaomi Service Centre Blames Kumar

Shocked by what had happened and the close call he had just made with the explosion, Kumar went to a city-based Xiaomi service centre. The executives tasked with helping Xiaomi customers instead tried to blame him for the blast, telling him that he was the one responsible for the blast by causing damage to the smartphone that led to the battery blast. 

They even measured the hole left in the bag due to the fire and the phone to make sure the fire was indeed caused by the blast. When Kumar refused to take the blame, the service centre tried to get him to pay 50% of the smartphone’s cost to get a new unit as replacement.

In the job sheet provided, the service centre doesn’t even mention the blast as the issue, listing ‘Power On Fault’ as the fault instead.

Mobile phone brands have long used the tactic of blaming the customer for using third-party chargers, prior damage, or third-party service centres for blasts. However, since there was no case here, the officials blamed the customer himself this time.

In fact, last month in February, a Redmi Note 6 Pro unit started emitting smoke and caught on fire when unauthorized service personnel were attempting to repair it. 

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