Vivo Z6 5G With SD 765G, Quad Camera Launching On Feb 29: India Launch, Price?

Vivo Z6 5G With SD 765G, Quad Camera Launching On Feb 29: India Launch, Price?
Vivo Z6 5G With SD 765G, Quad Camera Launching On Feb 29: India Launch, Price?

Vivo has confirmed that the natural successor of Vivo Z5, which is Vivo Z6 5G, is launching on February 29th, in China.

There are some interesting specs and features which have been officially confirmed for Vivo Z6, with 5G.

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Vivo Z6 5G Confirmed For Feb 29th Launch

Vivo has set up a reservation page, which confirms that Vivo Z6 5G is launching on February 29th.

As per the details available, this next generation successor of Vivo Z5 will be powered by Snapdragon 765G processor, and will sport a quad-camera setup in the back.

Cameras have been positioned in the top left corner, vertically.

If we observe the content in the welcome page, then its clear that the Vivo Z6 5G will be targeted for the younger audience, with special focus on processor speed, and camera.

Vivo Z6 5G: Critical Specs

The display is confirmed to have a punch-hole display, and the selfie camera will be adjusted in the top right hand corner of the front screen.

AI-powered quad camera can be clearly seen in the images posted by Vivo: While three image sensors are positioned in one line, while the 4th sensor is positioned just below the flash.

A fingerprint sensor also exists in the back.

Snapdragon 765G processor promises faster speed, and more computing power.

5000 mAh battery, with 44W charging option has also ben provided.

Vivo V6 5G is expected to come in three colors: While, Blue and Black.

On the popular social media site Weibo, Vivo has confirmed that the new Z6 5G will have PC-liquid cooling for heat dissipation, and a dual-mode 5G network support.

Interestingly, the pixel capability of the camera hasnt been shared yet.

Vivo Z5, whose successor will be Z6 5G, had a 48MP tripple camera setup, and was powered with Snapdragon 712 processor.

There has been no news of India launch, and the price will be revealed a day before the launch. 

a day before the launch. 

Vivo Z5 was not launched in India, and was expected to be launched in March, 2020. It seems that Vivo can directly launch Vivo Z6 5G in India, in the coming months. 

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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