Mobvoi TicPods Free Review: A Decent Wireless Earbuds Within Your Budget

Mobvoi TicPods Free Review: A Decent Wireless Earbuds Within Your Budget
Mobvoi TicPods Free Review: A Decent Wireless Earbuds Within Your Budget

If you haven’t heard about Mobvoi TicPods Free yet then it’s alright but it’s always good to be informed about a good set of true wireless earbuds which also ticks all the boxes of what makes be it be affordability, great sound or even decent battery life.


Mobvoi TicPods Free Wireless Earbuds: How Does It Work?

I am sure people must be curious about them about how well the Mobvoi TicPods worked out of the box.

For them, the pairing was extremely fast, and while there wasn’t an app ready for use, you simply need none.

When you open the battery case, the buds start the pairing mode, and in a very short time, your phone will connect. 

Once pairing is done, you can insert the buds into your ears, and you are good to go. It’s max volume is a little lower than usual, but that’s not a bad thing.

When you want to adjust the volume, you can swipe up on the left earbud, and double-tapping the same spot skips to the next track or accepts a call.

In case you need to pause, a long press on the left will handle that fairly quickly. 

To reject calls, you can do the same movement, or toggle the voice assistant if you continue pressing for two seconds.

But the main question is, are they worth Rs 8499? Let’s find Out.

What Are The Cons Of TicPods Free?

So far the biggest downside of the TicPods Free is the ear tips. 

They can not be labeled as but they’re not very securely attached to the earbud’s nozzle, making them a foreign object risk in your ear canal. 

If you try to take the buds out, then sometimes the sleeve still remains in the ear, which forces you to find a safe way to get them out. 

It’s better to get third-party foam tips, because those will at least stay put if they do come off.

What About The Performance with  TicPods Free ?

When these little buds are in your ears, the performance is surprisingly very good, and they stack up well to other true wireless earbuds in every metric that counts. 

It’s a subjective matter to like or not like the AirPods-esque aesthetics, But the manufacturer has provided some color choices such as white, blue, and a salmony-red called “lava”.

How  About The Bluetooth Connection Quality With The TicPods Free?

You may want to force a SBC connection in your developer options If you have an Android phone

Also you shouldn’t hear any noise at normal listening volumes, so if you can hear a hiss or other noise then there is a possibility that you’re listening too loud.

What About The Sound Quality With TicPods Free?

Some Mobvoi users are reporting that the TicPods Free are bass-deficient but it doesn’t.

It is expected that the Bass-lovers will appreciate the bass-heavy sound of the TicPods Free.

It is suggested that if you don’t hear any bass then you are in need of new eartips and  memory foam will fit perfectly every time.

Also the headphones and earphones that have this level of bass response will generally sound a little less clear in favor of boosting the bass guitars, drums, male vocals, cellos, and other low notes.

It will surprise you that these in-ears keep out a high amount of outside noise if you can get a good seal due to the fact that these buds also offer some weak active noise canceling.

Usually TicPods all but muted high end noise, though it does let in some low-end rumble. 

That’s an advantage  as you’ll be able to hear car engines just fine if you’re listening to music at a reasonable volume, anyway.

How Is The Battery of the TicPods Free?

It has a quite light battery, if we talk about the battery life of the Mobvoi TicPods Free, it is actually quite decent. 

Considering  the volume setting to 75dB and letting the product play continuously, it is able to squeeze 3 hours and 35 minutes out of a single charge. 

Most true wireless earbuds tend to have issues here, this represents a solid respectable battery life.

Mostly people rarely listen for more than 3 cumulative hours every day. Also the TicPods are likely to be stored in their charging case, which will also top off your buds while you’re not listening.

If thought way, a battery life of three-plus hours is more than good enough for most people, even if it does mean charging more than you may expect. 

Moreover, the charging case can fully juice your buds four times from a 100% charge, so you need not to wait long.

Should You Buy The Mobvoi TicPods Free?

The Mobvoi TicPods Free priced under Rs 9000, are a solid all-around pick for true wireless earbuds, and surely give some happiness.

They can not be labeled as extraordinary but they do offer a certain level of quality within this budget, and overall, it’s can be a decent purchase, under tight budget.

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