First 16GB RAM Smartphone, Black Shark 3 Leaked: Complete Specs, Pricing, India Launch

The first 16GB RAM smartphone is leaked, the Black Shark 3. Said to be the first phone to come with 16GB of RAM, Black Shark 3 will feature the highest unit of RAM in the market alongside top-end specs and 5G support.

First 16GB RAM Smartphone, Black Shark 3 Leaked: Complete Specs, Pricing, India Launch

The Xiaomi Black Shark phones have been changing the gaming phone industry for the last couple of years.

A separate brand owned by Xiaomi, the Black Shark specialises in gaming smartphones, aims to offer the best gaming performance on a smartphone on budget.

The latest phone from the Xiaomi sub-brand, Black Shark 3 is said to come with as much as 16GB of RAM, making Black Shark 3 the first smartphone in the world to feature 16GB RAM, the highest any smartphone has come with ever.

Smartphone With Highest RAM In The World: Black Shark 3 Specs, Black Shark 3 5G Support

The Black Shark 3 mobile phone will be the first smartphone to come with 16GB RAM, as per the rumours. So, the first 16GB RAM smartphone is going to be Black Shark 3, the fourth smartphone by the Xiaomi sub-brand, Black Shark.

The highest RAM for any smartphone available in the market, the Black Shark 3 gaming phone will support 5G connectivity alongside.

The smartphone was spotted on a certification website in China by the model number SHARK KLE-AO. The device is said to Black Shark 3, and it will come with 16GB RAM and 5G connectivity.

Black Shark 3 will run on the latest Snapdragon 865, the current flagship SoC by Qualcomm. 

The certification listing hasn’t revealed much, but it’s going to be a top-end smartphone backed with 5G connectivity, Snapdragon 865, 16GB RAM, quad camera system, fast charging, enhanced gaming modulations and more.

Apart from Black Shark 3 being the smartphone with highest RAM in the world, it come with up to 16GB of RAM and the device will be available in multiple variants: model supporting 5G connectivity and non-5G variants.

Black Shark 3 is expected to feature an AMOLED display this time along with an in-display fingerprint sensor

Currently the Black Shark 2 Pro is powered by a Snapdragon 855 Plus processor with a FHD+ screen. The smartphone is expected to house a 4,000mAh battery with support for 30W fast charging tech.

Black Shark 3 Release Date: Black Shark 3 Launch, Black Shark 3 Release Date India

Black Shark 3 release date is expected in some weeks. The smartphone has already been listed on some benchmarking sites, hence the launch seems imminent. It’s safer to assume a February to March launch timeline for Black Shark 3.

The expected Black Shark 3 release date is in the first quarter of 2020.

Black Shark 3 launch date in India is expected during March or April. The smartphone will first be unveiled globally, and then it will come to India at a later date. Black Shark 3 India launch will happen after the global launch, probably a month later.

Black Shark 3 Price In India, Black Shark 3 Price

Black Shark 3 price is expected to start somewhere around $699 (about Rs 49,530) to $749 (about Rs 53,030) for the global variant. The Black Shark 3 mobile phone will be available in multiple variants, and the 5G model will cost higher than the non-5G variants.

Black Shark 3 price in India is expected somewhere around Rs 40,000 to Rs 45,000.

The non-5G Black Shark 3 variant will come to India, hence the Black Shark 3 price in India is going to remain in the same bracket as Black Shark 2 Pro. The company is yet to reveal the prices, and we need to wait for the official details.

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