Another Poco Smartphone Spotted, Poco F2e: Poco X2, Poco F2e Fake?

Poco F2e, another Poco smartphone has been spotted online after Poco X2. After the confirmation by the parent company of the next Poco device launching in 2020, two new Poco smartphones have leaked back to back, Poco X2 and Poco F2e.

Another Poco Smartphone Spotted, Poco F2e: Poco X2, Poco F2e Fake?

While some say it’s fake, the listed devices have modified system build properties.

Poco F2e

As of now, nothing has been officially confirmed by the company, so it’s better to take the Poco X2 benchmarks with a pinch of salt.

Similar to Poco X2, another Poco smartphone has been now listed on Geekbench, Poco F2e. As Poco X2 system properties, the same can be altered with Poco F2e. It could be fake, and probably seems too good to be true at the moment.

Poco F2e Geekbench Listing: What Does It Reveal?

The Poco F2e Geekbench listing reveals some data, which again is in line with Poco X2 listing information. According to the benchmarking site, Poco F2e will run on the same Snapdragon 845 chipset as the first Poco smartphone, Poco F1 paired with upto 8GB of RAM.

Surprisingly, Poco F2e will run on the latest  Android 10, as per the data revealed on the site. 

If you match up the leaked Geekbench results of both, the Poco X2 and Poco F2e, you will see Android 10 and 8GB RAM common between the two.

Both Poco F2e and Poco X2 listings seem fake as now, given how the properties can easily be modified and uploaded.

The Poco F2e benchmark scores are very similar to the existing Poco F1 scores on Geekbench because both the smartphones are said to feature the same Snapdragon 845. There’s a Poco F2 genuinely in the making, but these updates seem fake.

Poco X2 Geekbench Listing Fake: Poco X2 Details

The smartphone found or to be precise spotted on Geekbench reveals the name Poco X2 as the next Poco smartphone. While we all thought it would be Poco F2, it isn’t, and Poco X2 has surfaced online, but the information is fake. 

Interestingly, the smartphone has a lot in common with Redmi K30, the recently launched smartphone.

The upcoming Poco X2 has been confirmed to be running on the latest Android 10 OS, powered by a 1.80GHz octa-core SoC. The processor has been codenamed “phoenixin” and Poco X2 packs 8GB of RAM.

On Geekbench, Poco X2 has been able to score 547 points in the single-core test and 1,767 points in the multi-core test. The listing doesn’t reveal the chipset details.

The listing reveals data of Poco X2 which match up information with the features of Redmi K30. While it hasn’t been confirmed yet, many are claiming that it’s a remodelled Redmi K30 to be launched in some markets including India.

Xiaomi India has already given the Redmi K30 4G a green signal, and very recently the Redmi K30 5G model has also passed the BIS certification, hinting at an imminent launch in India. For now, it’s sure that none of the Poco device listings, neither Poco X2 or Poco F2e are genuine.

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