This Bollywood Diva Had ‘Scariest Experience’ With Uber Driver; ‘Walking Buddy’ In Uber Coming Up?

This Bollywood Diva Had 'Scariest Experience' With Uber Driver; ‘Walking Buddy’ In Uber Coming Up?
This Bollywood Diva Had ‘Scariest Experience’ With Uber Driver; ‘Walking Buddy’ In Uber Coming Up?

A popular Bollywood actress had a very bad experience with a Uber driver, and the media is all abuzz with this development.

If a Bollywood diva is not able to have a safe and secure ride with Uber, then how about other common users?

Meanwhile, rumors are in that Uber can soon launch a new feature called ‘Walking Buddy’ for all users!

Is this a rumor or a fact?

We try to find out the truth..

Sonam Kapoor Had A Bad Experience With Uber In London

In a series of tweets, Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor shared her harrowing experience with Uber cab in London.

She tweeted that the driver kept on shouting and yelling and due to this, she was ‘shaking by the end of it.’

She has described this Uber ride as the ‘scariest experience’.

Her tweets immediately garnered attention and received more than 9000 likes and 3000 comments.

Sonam Kapoor is the daughter of Bollywood veteran Anil Kapoor and known for movies such as Neerja, for which she has received a National Film Award as well.

Social media users are now questioning why Uber allows such drivers in their network, and why any lady or any user should go through such an experience.

There has been no response from Uber as of now.

Uber Coming Up With A Walking Buddy?

Meanwhile, a Twitter user from Los Angeles tweeted a screenshot of this Uber app, wherein a Walking Buddy option is visible, besides Uber Go, Uber Pool and other normal options.

Ever since this image was shared on Twitter, social media users have gone berserk, and making some really funny assumptions.

Now, this Walking Buddy option in the screenshot is showing two people holding hands.

Questioning this, social media users are asking why they are holding hands, and what is the purpose of this option?

Here are some funny tweets:

There has been no confirmation from Uber and even they joined the conversation with this tweet:

If one searches for Uber rides near Los Angeles airport, then there appears no such option.

We are assuming that this was a prank, and nothing else. We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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