Google’s E-commerce Push: Searching Shoes, Clothes On Mobile Has Now Changed!

Google's Ecommerce Push: Searching Shoes, Clothes On Mobile Has Now Changed!
Google’s Ecommerce Push: Searching Shoes, Clothes On Mobile Has Now Changed!

Google is given a new dimension to the way we search for anything online but what about shopping? Now Google will be changing the way we do online shopping too.


How Did This Happen?

Most of you might have noticed a new tab labeled as shopping appears besides  the normal search search result now.

Consider the case when you’re shopping online for something to wear, like a down jacket for winter or dress shoes to match a new outfit, it can be useful to see style options across lots of different stores. 

As we all know that there are a huge variety of goods present online but with the number of options online, it isn’t always easy to know what’s out there, find inspiration, compare your choices and decide what and where to buy.

How Is Google Shopping Beneficial?

So far, the search has always let you find links to different products and stores, but starting today and rolling out this week, you’ll begin to see clothes, shoes and accessories from across the web in one place on Search on your mobile device, to help you in easily browsing lots of different stores and brands at once.

Usually you know what you want to buy, it can sometimes be hard to uncover all the different stores that carry an item so you can pick exactly what you want.

But with the launch of Google Shopping, Google has made it easier to reach the desirable products from many stores together. 

It also provides quick access to reviews in case you need help making a decision.

How Does Google Shopping Work?

To start with, you just have to search for clothes or accessories like “running shoes,” “womens leather belt” or “wide leg pants.” 

According to the inputs from the search box, Google identifies popular products from stores across the web and brings them together in a new section labelled as ‘Shopping’ on Search. 

Not only that it has provide some filters so that you can filter by style, department and size type, or look at multiple images of a product. 

After selection of the products of your choice, either you want to learn more or you’re ready to buy then you can easily visit a store’s website with the link provided. 

What Exactly Google Does To Provide This Option?

Google indexes and organizes products from over a million online shops, and updates this information regularly to make this feature possible.

This feature is also free as Google doesn’t charge sites to be part of the Google Search index and participating retailers who appear in this new feature tab.

For Retailers, they can learn more about what types of products are eligible to appear in this shopping experience on Search.

The search engine company seems to be very excited to take this step toward making it easier for people to find products they need on Search, and to connect people with great retailers across the web. 

The company also promises to expand this feature to more queries, categories, devices and products.

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