Google Pay 2020 Stamps Launched: This Is How You Can Win Upto Rs 2020 & More Rewards

Google Pay 2020 Stamps Launched: This Is How You Can Win Upto Rs 2020 & More Rewards
Google Pay 2020 Stamps Launched: This Is How You Can Win Upto Rs 2020 & More Rewards

Here’s a great piece for all the users of Google Pay application, covered all over in excitement. If you remember, earlier this year, the payment app introduced Diwali Stickers, wherein collecting all the different 5 stickers led to the users earning Rs 251.

Google Pay has brought a similar type of game again this time, starting from Dec 23rd and shall continue upto Dec 31.

All You Need to Know About Google Pay 2020 Stamps

With the new year almost around the corner, Google has introduced 2020 Stamps that let users earn up to Rs 2,020 and other bonus rewards.

Google’s payment app Google Pay has introduced 2020 stamps. Users will be able to collect up to 7 different stamps. These include Balloon, DJ, Sunglasses, Disco, Toffee, Selfie and Pizza. Google is calling these cake layers.

Available under the ‘Rewards’ section in the app, users collecting all 7 of these stamps shall receive assured rewards of up to Rs 2020. Furthermore, users will earn 1 bonus reward per layer on any cake layer they complete. One can also get try lucky draw tickets worth up to Rs 20 lakh.

How to Collect These Stamps

Well for starters, in order to collect any of these Google Pay 2020 Stamps, the users will first have to update their Google Pay app to the latest version. This time, users can collect 2020 stamps through 4 methods.

  • To start with, a user must pay Rs 98 or more to a business, Spot or a Google Pay user.
  • Secondly, paying at least Rs 300 on a bill or Rs 98 on mobile recharge, would earn stamps to the user.
  • Users can also earn stamps by inviting friends to Google Pay and when they make their first payment with your referral code, you shall receive a stamp.
  • You can also gift or request one stamp to one friend per day.
  • Whatever method a user chooses, a maximum of 5 stamps can be collected daily.

Moving on, you can also scan 2020 anywhere near you.

There are however, few terms and conditions. The offer isn’t valid for users in Tamil Nadu. Furthermore, a user will not be eligible for this offer if they have already earned over Rs 9,000 during this fiscal year.

Moreover, any reward will be deposited to UPI linked with Google Pay. However, if a user has not linked the UPI, he/she will get 45 days to link it, otherwise, the reward will be deemed to be forfeited.

Expected features in 2020

In the coming updates, Google Pay is set to get card support for tap-to-pay. You will be able to add Visa credit and debit cards to the account. Even one-time mandate, which is a part of UPI 2.00 is set to come soon. What’s more, Google is also reportedly working to bring stories for merchants with the upcoming app update.

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