Realme TV In India: Top Features, Realme TV Launch, Pricing, Variants, Availability

Realme TV launch is happening soon. Confirmed by Realme CMO Xu Qi, Realme TV will launch in 2020, probably in India first. With the Realme TV said to be already in production, here’s some facts you need to know about the upcoming TVs.

Realme TV In India: Top Features, Realme TV Launch, Pricing, Variants, Availability (

The Indian smart TV market is growing rapidly, and currently Xiaomi leads the table.

Realme Smart TVs will mainly target the budget and mid-range TV market in India, the same segments Mi TVs are available currently. Realme will be diversifying its product portfolio heavily in 2020 with a wide range of non-smartphone products.


Realme TV In India, Realme TV Launch Soon: Things You Must Know

Realme India CEO has been hinting at its first line of TVs for sometime now. It has been already confirmed officially, and here’s what you need to know about the upcoming Realme TVs.

Realme TV Officially Confirmed

Confirmed by Realme CMO Xu Qi, Realme TV will launch in 2020, probably in India first. Realme TV launch is happening soon, maybe in mid 2020. Realme already has some smartphones launches lined up for 2020, along with a fitness tracker and a smartwatch.

It was already in the news since last year that Realme will soon be producing TVs under the brand, and finally it’s been confirmed officially now.

Realme Set To Enter Indian TV Market: Realme TV In India

Just as Xiaomi, Realme too will be entering the TV market in India with budget value for money televisions. Just within a year, Xiaomi became the number one TV brand in India, and now Realme is all set to challenge it with its own range of budget smart TVs.

Recently OnePlus also unveiled its first ever Smart TVs in the premium segment.

Realme TVs Will Available From Budget To Mid-Range Segments

The Realme TVs are supposed to be available from the budget range to the upper mid-range segment. Realme TV is already in the making, and they will be directly taking on Xiaomi’s Mi TVs in India.

Just as the budget smartphone market in India, Realme will directly challenge Xiaomi in the second most wide electronics market in the country, TVs. 

Realme TV Will Launch In 2020: Realme TV India Launch

The first Realme TV is expected to launch in India first. Realme CMO Xu Qi said that Realme TV will be launched in 2020. The Realme Smart TV is already in the making, and the launch seems imminent. It’s been a generic route for smartphone companies now to enter the TV market.

Recently Huawei unveiled its Smart TV running on its own OS, Motorola launched its Smart TVs in the country, then OnePlus did and now Realme.

Mi TV vs Realme TV: Will Realme TVs Succeed?

Considering how Xiaomi tasted success in India in the Smart TV market, more companies are finding ways to enter the category with its own TVs. Realme remains a disruptor in the budget smartphone market, and hence the Realme Smart TVs are expected to be the same.

Realme TVs will be available in multiple variants in the country. The company will probably be following the same route as Xiaomi did with Mi Smart TVs.

Realme TV Models: Realme Smart TVs, Realme TV Variants

Realme Smart TVs will be available starting from 32-inch to 65-inch, with different sizes in between as 40-inch, 43-inch, 50-inch and more. All the Realme Smart TVs will run on Android with its own OS supporting additional content.

While the company is yet to officially confirm the variants, most of them will be in line with Mi TVs.

OTT Platforms On Realme TV: Realme TV Netflix Support, Prime Support

Support for OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar are expected out of the box. Realme TV will support almost all possible OTT content platforms in the country including Alt Balaji, Zee 5, Sun Nxt, Hoichoi and more. 

The Realme TV will run on Android with its own UI to support other content.

Realme Customized TV OS: Realme UI For TV

The company is also working on its own OS for sometime now, RealmeOS, and a similar OS is expected for the Smart TVs as well. The company recently unveiled a special launcher called the Realme UI based on ColorOS 7, built on the latest Android 10.

A similar Realme OS for TV is expected based on Android TV platform.

Realme TV In India: Realme TV Launch, Realme TV India Launch

While Realme hasn’t yet confirmed anything officially, the leaked reports hint at a launch very soon. The Realme TV is already in the making, and soon the TVs will enter mass production.

Realme CMO Xu Qi said that Realme TV will be launched in 2020, probably in India first.

Realme TV India launch is expected by the second half of 2020.

Realme TV India launch may happen sometime in the second quarter of 2020. It’s safe to assume a mid 2020 timeline as the TVs are yet to enter the commercial production stage and then the promotions will start.

Realme TV Price: Realme TV Price In India

Realme will launch its TVs at a very aggressive pricing with top features onboard challenging the best TVs in the same budget range. While OnePlus, the sister company already offers TVs in the premium segment, Realme will focus on the budget and mid-range TV market.

Realme TV price is expected to start at as low as Rs 10,000 to Rs 12,000 for the 32-inch Realme Smart TV.

Given how Realme has been very affordable about the pricing of its products, the Realme TVs are going at par with other top-selling Smart TVs in the same range. Realme TV prices are going to be affordable, and at the same time aggressive.

Mi TV vs Realme TV: The Big Fight

Realme TV will directly take on its number one competitor in India, the current leader in Smart TVs, Xiaomi. The variety of Mi TVs continue to grow, and the company is doing very well in the segment without any tough competitor.

Realme has a good chance here to go against Xiaomi and hit the market with multiple value-for-money smart TVs.

Xiaomi has an established market, and so are some of the other players such as Vu, TCL, Sanyo. Xiaomi is currently the number one Smart TV brand in India, and Realme has a long ladder to climb.

Realme has to keep the basics right with its TVs and deliver just the way it has been doing since one year with other products.

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