Indian Railways Is Making Water From Air & Selling It For Rs 5/Litre! (This Is How It Works!)

Indian Railways Is Making Water From Air & Selling It For Rs 5/Litre
Indian Railways Is Making Water From Air & Selling It For Rs 5/Litre

Indian Railways is literally going to draw water from air! Yes, this is absolutely true and the Indian Railways has installed a new system at the railway station of Secunderabad that will create water from the air.

This system is called an atmospheric water generator, and it is called Meghdoot. 

How does Meghdoot create water from air? How much is the cost of the water? Find out all the details right here!

Indian Railways Installs Meghdoot At Secunderabad Railway Station

South Central Railway has installed this atmospheric water generator kiosk at the railway station of Secunderabad, and it is called Meghdoot. This project is under the Make in India initiative and is designed by Maithri Aquatech. It produces about 1000 litres of water every day. 

Passengers of the Indian Railways will have to pay for this water, but the prices are quite low. One litre bottle of water will cost Rs. 8, and if you have your own bottle, one litre of water costs Rs. 5 only! The price for a glass of 300 ml will be Rs. 3, and this includes the container as well. If you bring a glass with you, it will cost you Rs. 2. A 500 ml glass is priced at Rs. 5 with the container and Rs. 3 if you get your own container with you. 

Railway Minister, Piyush Goyal tweeted about this, saying, “Conserve Water, Conserve Life: Railways introduces ‘Meghdoot’ device to harvest water directly from air, which is then filtered & remineralised for drinking

Installed at Secunderabad Railway Station in Telangana, the ??? ?? ???? complies with World Health Organisation standards.”

As per reports, this system sticks to all the rules of the safety norms of safe and healthy drinking water. 

How Does Meghdoot Create Water From Air?

Here’s how this new system, Meghdoot, works:

  1. This system basically harvests water from the air, filters it and remineralises it for drinking.
  2. Firstly, there is a filter through which air is sucked in.
  3. Moisture laden air passes over the condenser surfaces. 
  4. Next, water is collected in the tank.

This water that is created by Meghdoot, fits in with all the standards dictated by the WHO (World Health Organisation).

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