Realme Buds Air Top Features: Pricing, Availability, Variants [Realme Buds Wireless]

Realme Buds Air is all set to launch today alongside Realme X2 in India. The Buds Air are true wireless earbuds by Realme similar to Apple AirPods offering the same experience with similar features, but at a very affordable pricing.

Realme Buds Air Top Features: Pricing, Availability, Variants [Realme Buds Wireless]

To launch under Rs 5,000, Realme Buds Air will take on the best selling wireless earbuds heads on.

The Realme Buds Wireless or Realme Buds Air will come with a similar design as Apple AirPods, but will only cost Rs 4,999 a pair. The Realme Buds Wireless buds will be available in India via Flipkart.

Realme Buds Air Top Features & Specs, Realme Buds Air

The Buds Air by Realme is the first true wireless earphones from the company.

Buds Air Bluetooth 5.0 Support

Realme Buds Air will come with seamless Bluetooth 5.0 support and optimisation. The Buds Air can connect automatically. So as soon as you open the charging case, the Buds Air will immediately connect to your smartphone.

It has already been touting the connection features as top-rated TWS earphones.

Realme Buds Air Color Variants

Realme has already teased the Realme Buds Air, and it’s the first ever truly wireless buds to come from Realme. The ex-Oppo sub-brand has confirmed that the Buds Air will come in three different colours: black, yellow and a white.

All the colours offers a glossy finish on the out.

24 Hour Standby & Dynamic Bass Boost

The Realme Buds Air will offer a total battery life of 17 hours in comparison to 24 hours standby by AirPods 2. The Realme buds will come with 12nm dynamic bass boost drivers and will support AAC. Realme will feature instant connection running on R1 chipset.

The company confirmed a dual mic ENC for calling with active noise cancellation. 

Similar Design As Apple AirPods

The highlighting part of the Realme Buds Wireless is going to be the design. The Buds Air by Realme have a shocking resemblance to Apple AirPods, the company who started the trend of wireless pods.

The Realme Buds Wireless have the same design as Apple AirPods, and it’s really hard not to ignore it.

Affordable Pricing & Same Features

Apart from the design, the Realme Buds Air will be offering the same features, but an affordable price point. The company has previously experimented with Bluetooth collar earphones and wired earphones, and all have been successful in the Indian market.

Realme Buds Air will sport a 12mm bass-boosted driver to offer enhanced audio performance.

Realme Buds Air Wireless Charging Support

Coming to the most sought-after feature, the Realme Buds Air would offer wireless charging at this aggressive price. Realme Buds Air will support wireless charging out of the box.

As Apple AirPods and Samsung Galaxy Buds, the Realme Buds Air will come with a wireless charging capabilities.

Type C Support With Wear Detection And Touch Control

The Realme wireless earbuds will charge via USB Type-C port with support for wear detection and touch control. The buds will have the wireless charging case to offer charging without any port or wires. 

You just need to put in the earphones into the case, and it will be able to charge the earphones on its own without any direct connection.

Realme Buds Air India Price, Realme Buds Air Price In India

The Realme Buds Air were accidentally listed on Flipkart, and it revealed the official pricing. The brief listing on Flipkart confirms that the Realme wireless earphones will be priced at Rs 4,999. This the first wireless buds to launched by Realme.

Realme Buds Wireless price has been set at Rs 4,999 a pair.

Realme India has officially confirmed on Twitter that the upcoming Realme Buds Wireless. The truly wireless earphones by Realme will be called Realme Buds Air. The Realme Buds Wireless aka Buds Air will launch today alongside Realme X2.

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