OnePlus True Wireless Earbuds Will Challenge Apple AirPods; Launch Expected In 2020 (Details Inside)

OnePlus True Wireless Earbuds Will Challenge Apple AirPods; Launch Expected In 2020 (Details Inside)
OnePlus True Wireless Earbuds Will Challenge Apple AirPods; Launch Expected In 2020 (Details Inside)

One Plus shows no signs of stopping or slowing down. The Chinese giant hasn’t stopped surprising us with its exemplar quality handsets in the near past and doesn’t seem like letting us down even in future.

With new smartphone handsets launching and its recent breakdown into the smart TV market, One Plus has managed to surprise each one of us with its consecutive moves, every once in a while. Lets’s speak of your convenience of listening to music today.

We are all aware and interacting with accessories like wireless earphones, the best of which is Apple’s Airpods. Almost recently, Apple launched its new AirPods Pro and the audio accessory market has suddenly seen a lot of interest from other phone makers as well.

One Plus Working on Wireless Earbuds

If you follow the smartphone and tech market closely, you must be hearing people comparing Apple’s iPhone’s features with that of the Chinese smartphone company One Plus’android smartphones, except at cheaper prices.

One Plus has emerged as an endearing and highly preferable brand for the Indians, as a hugh end Android phone, with exemplar features and an affordable range. If you have a certain liking towards the very recent wireless earphones, you are in luck, as sources have confirmed that One Plus is working on its first truly wireless earbuds.

According to reliable tipster Max J, these earbuds by One Plus would necessarily be without any cable and chances are, they could be similar to  Apple earpods in appearance.

He shared an image that says “listen, call and workout without cords” and claims it belong to OnePlus. There is until now, no name to this new earbuds but it can be expected that OnePlus shall stick to the Bullets nomenclature.

We aren’t sure-shotedly confirming One Plus to release such an analogy and it is as of now, just a speculation. However, with the entire industry jumping in to offer wireless earbuds, chances are high that OnePlus could be doing the same. 

If One Plus Releases its Wireless Earbuds

OnePlus has so far only stuck to neckband style earphones as well as wired earphones. Currently, it makes the Bullets Wireless 2 neckband earphones along with the Bullets earphones with USB-C port. 

It can be speculated that the new wireless earbuds could sit above these two and challenge the Apple AirPods directly but at a slightly cheaper price, as we know the base model of the AirPods starts at approximately Rs 15,000.

There are certain chances that OnePlus could be co-developing the earbuds along with its sister firm Realme. Realme has recently announced that it is going to bring true wireless earbuds to the Indian market, launching on December 17 along with the Realme XT730G. These earphones are expected to be extremely affordable, unlike Apple’s Airpods.

However, OnePlus could spice up the design with silicone ear tips and might even include more powerful drivers and better tuning. The OnePlus buds could also come with better battery life and an overall premium build. It wouldn’t be surprised if OnePlus decides to use active noise cancellation for its earbuds.

Currently, rumours of OnepLus working on three variants of the OnePlus 8 series are doing the rounds. OnePlus could offer an affordable OnePlus 8 Lite, a slightly more premium OnePlus 8 and a fully-loaded OnePlus 8 Pro next year, with the chances that OnePlus earbuds could launch with these three OnePlus phones sometime early next year.

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