World’s Largest Country Can Ban iPhones, iPads, MacBook In 2020: Here’s The Shocking Reason Why?

World's Largest Country Can Ban iPhones, iPads, MacBook In 2020: Here's The Shocking Reason Why?
World’s Largest Country Can Ban iPhones, iPads, MacBook In 2020: Here’s The Shocking Reason Why?

There is a possibility that Russia will ban the usage of one of the world’s most popular smartphones, Apple’s iPhone. 

Yes, you read that right! iPhones, iPads and any other device by Apple will be banned in Russia from next year, i.e. in 2020. 

What is the reason behind this decision by Russia that has perplexed the entire world? Let’s find out! 

Russia To Ban iPhone, iPad And Other Devices Which Don’t Have Russian Software

A new law has been passed in Russia that does not allow the sale of devices that do not have Russian software pre-installed in them. The reason behind imposing this law is to promote Russian technology, which will help Russians to use their devices more comfortably. 

As per reports, this law will be imposed from July 2020, and smartphones, computers and smart televisions will be covered under the law. The legislation was passed by Russia’s lower house of Parliament, and soon, the Government will be issuing a list that will let people know which devices will be banned in Russia. 

Oleg Nikolayev, one of the co-authors of the bill said that when people buy complex electronic devices, they come with already installed applications which are mostly western ones. 

He said, “Naturally, when a person sees them… they might think that there are no domestic alternatives available. And if, alongside pre-installed applications, we will also offer the Russian ones to users, then they will have a right to choose.”

However, the law does not say that electronic devices from other countries cannot be sold with normal software. It just means that these devices will have to be installed with their Russian counterparts before they are distributed for sale. 

International Smartphone Companies Might Leave Russia Forever

This comes with a big downside though, there is a huge possibility that international companies may leave the Russian market for good. The Association of Trading Companies and Manufacturers of Electrical Household and Computer Equipment (RATEK) has opinionated that it’s not possible to install Russian made software on international phones.

Issues about surveillance, safety and security have also been raised, and this decision of Russia is being questioned by many. People are doubting that the Russian based software might be used to spy on others.

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