Sale Of Junk Food Can Be Banned In Schools; Junk Food Ads Within 50 Meters Of School Not Allowed

Sale Of Junk Food Can Be Banned In Schools; Junk Food Ads Within 50 Meters Of School Not Allowed
Sale Of Junk Food Can Be Banned In Schools; Junk Food Ads Within 50 Meters Of School Not Allowed

This is an evolving world, which is largely affected by the swift changing food habits everyday. With so much junk food around, food high in sugar and carbs, long-term ailments like diabetes, obesity and thyroid are being commonly found in young adults. Millenials have been largely affected by the kinds of food they are eating on a larger spectrum.

In order to avoid this, the food regulating body, The Food and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has recently issued a draft, dated Nov 5, according to which selling and advertisement of junk foods will strictly be prohibited in school canteens and around 50 metre of school campuses, in order to ensure safe and healthy food for children.

Food Safety and Standard Rules for Schools

In a step towards achieving safe and healthy food habits for school children, the food regulator FSSAI issued draft regulations titled ‘Food Safety and Standards (Safe Food and healthy diets for School Children) Regulations, 2019’. The regulating body has circulated this draft among stakeholders and looks forward to their comments within 30 days.

As per this draft regulation, food items labelled as foods high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) will be banned to be sold in school canteens, mess premises, hostel kitchens and within 50 metre of school campus.

It also mentioned that food business operators (FBOs), manufacturing such food items wouldn’t be allowed to even advertise such food items in school premises. FSSAI had already proposed banning advertisements of unhealthy food in and around school campuses, in June this year.

The school authority, or the FBOs appointed by it or by the Department of School Education will have to obtain a registration or license for the same and comply with requirements of sanitary and hygienic practices under the food safety law.

Not just this, the FSSAI has also proposed school authorities to encourage and adopt healthy and balanced food diets among children.

Schools to Appoint Nutritionists and Dietitians

FSSAI has also proposed the school authorities to engage nutritionists and dietitians to assist in preparations of menu for children, periodically. It also prescribes regular inspection of premises to ensure that safe, healthy and hygienic food is served to students.

It has proposed creating a sub-committee by the State Level Advisory Committee that shall monitor the implementation of these regulations and ensure availability of safe food to school children. These regulations, after consideration of stakeholder comments and finalisation, will be finalised for implementation.

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