Searching High Paying Jobs? These 5 Jobs in India Will Pay You The Highest In 2019!

Here is a new wave of innovative jobs that pay well too

Highest paying jobs in India
Highest paying jobs in India

As time progresses, science and technology are progressing, that too in leaps and bounds. This progress, although worth appreciation is notorious for ridding people of their jobs and replacing humans with machines.

The report of World Bank said that while many jobs are being taken over by machines and technology, there will be people working in jobs which don’t even exist today.

So we bring to you, five of the highest paying jobs in 2019:


Physicians, Doctors, and Health Caregivers

We will always depend on doctors, surgeons, physicians, pharmacists and many other jobs in the health and care industry. Another widely popular career in this industry is dieticians. With people not making enough time to work out, many choose to alter their diets to be fit and healthy. This is an industry which has many well-paying jobs.

Financial Planning and Analysis Managers

There are many ways in which people earn money and have no idea where or how to invest it, whether in shares or property, etc. but financial planning and analysis managers assist you with where to invest money and teach you money management. Such jobs are available in large sector businesses as well, wherein managers prepare and review budget limits and ensure the company’s profit and growth. This is a job which will grow over the years and with handsome payments.

Digital Marketers

In today’s day and age, everyone is into the e-media – emails, e-newspaper, and electronic advertisements too. Digital advertisement and marketing is a field that is slowly spreading its wings in every nook and corner. Digital marketers put brands and their products on the internet where they catch everyone’s eye and sell themselves. Search engine optimization, content writing, graphic designing are some very easy skills to master, which will get you a creative and a highly paid job in any marketing agency.

Software Architects

This is another job that will never face death – software architecture. Software architects are being paid extremely well and will continue to do so in future. They analyze the architecture and design for systems and also carry out other tasks like researching, testing, designing and evaluating new technologies and solutions for vendors.

App Development Managers

There are more than a million apps out there on Google Play. A billion or so application developers work on designing and developing of apps. There are apps which need to be tailored as per the clients’ requirements. This is a job that will grow and prosper as long as smartphones are the trend which is probably forever. People rely on apps for any work requirement and apps that work well and smooth will be hot favorites.

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