CBSE Class 8, 9 Students Will Now Learn AI, Python Across 20,000 Schools; But Is It Necessary?

CBSE Class 8, 9 Students Will Now Learn AI, Python Across 20,000 Schools; But Is It Necessary?
CBSE Class 8, 9 Students Will Now Learn AI, Python Across 20,000 Schools; But Is It Necessary?

Technology is an essential part of the development and growth of humans. Artificial intelligence is one such technology that is gaining momentum and hype. From Apple’s virtual assistant Siri to Google’s voice search feature, Ok Google, both of these applications make use of AI and are making our lives easier. Whether it’s making a phone call or setting reminders, AI is paving the way for more efficient lives.

Not just this, even Indian Railways and something as political as Niti Aayog is implementing this technology in their day to day applications for public service. In such a scenario, it becomes vital for people to know more on this technology. Keeping this in mind, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has proposed to add AI topics such as Data Acquisition, Neural Networks and Python into the syllabuses of classes 8th and 9th.

CBSE to Add AI for Class 8 and 9

CBSE has decided to add subjects like Acquisition, Neural Networks and Python for the students of classes 8 and 9, as part of the artificial intelligence (AI) curriculum for CBSE- affiliated city schools from academic year 2020-21.

CBSE is making this move to keep up the present youth with the changing technology. It has recently released the AI curriculum facilitator’s handbook, which consists of various topics such as AI ethics, problem scoping, data acquisition and modelling. This curriculum shall not only make students inquisitive but will also teach them basic tools that are required to develop AI-based solutions.

For instance, in a segment, students will be asked to make a dream smart home by using those gadgets and devices that they think will help their house look good. With approaches as such, many schools like Jubilee Hills Public School and Delhi Public School have agreed and voluntarily come forward to introduce AI as a skill-subject from next academic year.

In fact, the Jubilee Hills Public School conducted a a training session for teachers to educate them on the new subject. Considering the importance of this technology for future, many schools in Hyderabad too have volunteered to add it in their curriculums.

What Do Industry Experts Think?

No doubt this is a very attractive and a logical idea to add topics like AI in the curriculum of class 8 and 9. However, many industry experts believe otherwise. While welcoming the move to introduce AI as a skill subject in CBSE schools, these experts and academicians claim that the curriculum needs to focus more on concept-based learning, instead of technical learning.

These are difficult subjects and will require skilled teachers. Many CBSE schools in India do not even have a proper Mathematics’ teacher, let alone a high-end subject as such. They are also conserned that taking such a move shall retstrict this knowledge spread to urban areas only.

The curriculum for AI needs more hands-on training and cannot be descriptive.

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