Now, Watch Netflix On Your Whatsapp! But This Is Not For Everyone (Details Inside..)

Now, Watch Netflix On Your Whatsapp App! But This Is Not For Everyone (Details Inside..)
Now, Watch Netflix On Your Whatsapp App! But This Is Not For Everyone (Details Inside..)

We have exciting news for Whatsapp and Netflix lovers! You will now be able to watch Netflix videos through Whatsapp itself! 

This means that you will not have to leave Whatsapp to watch your movie on Netflix anymore, instead, you can just continue watching it through the app itself. 

This innovative feature is not yet out for us to use, but Facebook-owned Whatsapp is working on the feature, which means that it will be rolled out soon enough!

But there’s a catch.

How will this new feature of watching Netflix videos through Whatsapp? What’s this catch that we are talking about? Find out all the details right here!

Watch Netflix Videos Through Whatsapp!

As of now, Whatsapp has enabled its users to watch videos from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Streamable and Netflix trailers, in the app itself. But now, the popular chatting platform has given its users the ability to watch the videos of Netflix on their app itself. 

The account’s blog states, “We have investigated and we can finally confirm that WhatsApp has implemented the possibility to directly stream within WhatsApp trailers from Netflix!”

Here’s how to use this feature: When a compatible Netflix link is shared, Whatsapp will display a large thumbnail, and there will be a play icon on it. Once you click on the play icon, Whatsapp will start showing you the video within the app itself. 

There is no need to open the actual Netflix app. Also, remember to have the latest version of the app on your phone. 

Stream Netflix Through Whatsapp Feature Limited To iOS Users Only

This feature will be available only for iOS, i.e., you can watch Netflix videos on Whatsapp only if you have an iPhone. 

Yes, that’s the catch we are talking about. WABetaInfo states, “The possibility to play videos from Netflix is only available for WhatsApp on iOS.”

Also, this service will be launched only for Netflix, which means that those who are in favour of Amazon Prime, or any other such streaming channels, will have to resort to the good old ways of streaming videos in that respective app itself. 

As soon as we get any news about the feature, we’ll update you! 

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