Wipro’s New 10,000 Sq Feet Campus Will Hire 200 Americans; TCS Can Remove Digital Classification Forever

Wipro's New 10,000 Sq Feet Campus Will Hire 200 Americans
Wipro’s New 10,000 Sq Feet Campus Will Hire 200 Americans

Wipro is planning to set up an engineering and innovation centre in Virginia that will open up 200 jobs, and the company aims to accomplish this by 2021.

In addition to that, TCS is looking to remove digital classification from its business for good. 

Find out all the developments at two of the leading IT industries of India!

Wipro’s Engineering And Innovation Centre In Virginia Opens Up 200 Jobs 

Indian multinational company Wipro will open up 200 jobs in Virginia as it set up a new engineering and innovation centre by 2021. This is a great boost given that Wipro already has about 500 professionals working for them, of which 420 are from Richmond itself. 

A statement has revealed that this new institution by Wipro, spread over 10,000 sq. ft. will be working primarily on full-stack engineering solutions, customer experience and accelerators across cybersecurity, cloud, digital and DevOps. 

Wipro Senior Vice President and Global Head (banking, financial services and insurance) Angan Guha said, “Business agility and innovation are critical to succeed in the Digital Age, and the investment in our new engineering and innovation centre brings these two elements closer to our clients.”

They will also offer customised visits, conduct workshops on design thinking. There will also be projects wherein different industries will collaborate with one another. 

TCS To Remove Digital Classification From Its Business

From the next fiscal year, Tata Consultancy Services will be removing the digital classification from its business. The reason behind this is that their digital services portfolios have been a huge part of the deals that have won recently. 

As per the Digital services TCS chief executive Rajesh Gopinathan and COO NG Subramaniam, artificial intelligence, analytics, blockchain and other digital services are now a part of the digital transformation projects, and it is difficult to be distinguished from the purely digital services and those that are not. 

Gopinathan said that the line between digital and core is thinning. He said, “This is no longer about one technology or aspect, but taking an integrated view and designing a solution that is the best fit for the context. Part of it may be surgery, using new technology, or repurposing existing technology applications.”

Starting next year, TCS might go back to the traditional segregation of the services. This will simplify the task of stakeholders who track the performance of TCS. 

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