This Startup Has Made India’s 1st All-Electric 60-tonne Truck: 100% Make In India!

India's 1st All-Electric 60-tonne Truck: 100% Make In India
India’s 1st All-Electric 60-tonne Truck: 100% Make In India

India has got its own first all-electric heavy-duty truck by a Gurugram based fleet service provider, Infraprime Logistics Technologies(IPLT). The company is planning to launch its first commercial vehicle in the next 1.5 months.

How Does It Work?

According to IPLT, India’s first all-electric truck is fully designed, developed and manufactured in India. Siddharth Das, IPLT COO & CO founder while giving more information about this truck said that it uses four computer systems which are motor control, transmission, battery management, and battery charging system.

This truck also becomes the first electric vehicle that has an automatic transmission for a two-speed operation in India.

Subodh Yadav, the CEO & co-founder IPLT, informed that they needed a simulation tool when they started designing the transmission, so they approached a drivetrain design company in Canada.  Since they didn’t have a simulation tool for transmission required for 60-tonne truck so IPTL designed its own simulation tool for the same.

It is mainly a medium-haul logistics vehicle for transporting. It can be used for mines, cement companies and also in construction sites. It can also handle a 20% gradient, which is higher than normally used diesel trucks.

What About The Battery?

The 60-tonne truck is powered by a 276 kWH battery and a top speed of 90 kmph. According to IPTL, It should be able to cover 400 Km without load and 200 Km with load.

It is already in the pilot phase and can be seen running on Delhi-Kotputli road. 

What About Charging?

The company has planned to set up its own charging stations, which is supposed to be designed by the team currently working on this project.

They have also informed that a 30 member team has created two samples of 160 kWh fast chargers, it can charge the electric truck in 90 minutes.

Challenges With The Battery

The main concern was with the battery was the rise in temperature. To avoid it, IPTL electric truck has been equipped with a sophisticated battery cooling system.

This system maintains the battery pack temperature at 35-degree Celsius. 

Giving more information on the subject, Siddharth Das informed that the truck uses lithium-ion phosphate battery which by design can not have thermal run away. (reference Financialexpress)

Which Market This Truck Will Target?

According to sources, there were no teasers for its launch but it can be seen running on Eastern Peripheral Highway if we get lucky. It is very much ready for the launch.

At the moment the IPLT electric truck is not up for commercial use, since it was launched on 1 August. For now it will operate in transport fleets only.

The company plans to launch five electric trucks at first and will be rolling out 40-60 trucks every month from January 2020.

They are planning to introduce its first variant named Rhino 5536 as per the construction industry guidelines. 

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