This Electric Autorickshaw Can Charge In 5 Minutes, And Run For 70 Kms – Will This Cause Disruption In Auto Sector?

This Electric Autorickshaw Can Charge In 5 Minutes, And Run For 70 Kms
This Electric Autorickshaw Can Charge In 5 Minutes, And Run For 70 Kms

While there are many upsides to electrically powered vehicles, the one major con is the time needed for charging the vehicle. An electric vehicle, especially a commercial one, needs to be charged fast and a single charge should be able to support enough kms to make a profit.

Up until now, the battery of an electric vehicle can take from an hour to four, to be fully charged. But there will soon be a new electric vehicle which takes shockingly minimal time for a full charge.

Singapore based Shado Group, which is an electric vehicle provider has unveiled electric three-wheelers, which will come with a battery that can be fully charged in only five minutes!

These electric three-wheelers will come under the brand name – Erick.

How long will the e-vehicle run, if its battery gets fully charged in only five minutes? Read on and find out!

Shado Group Launches Erick, Whose Battery Fully Charges in Five Minutes

The Shado Group, based out of Singapore has launched an electrically powered three wheeler under the brand name Erick. These are vehicles that come with a battery which will be charged in a surprisingly small amount of time, only 5 minutes.

On a full charge, the Erick can run for 70 kilometres straight, and is specially meant for the Indian commercial market. As per the company that has designed this engine, Adarin Engineering Technologies, along with the Shado Group, this vehicle can work well at high ambient temperatures as well.

Erick will be powered by a proprietary ultracapacitor battery, which is the main reason that the battery can be charged in five minutes. Also, this battery will make the vehicle the only one in the country. 

There are two variants of this vehicle, the passenger variant and the cargo three wheeler variant. For the development of this vehicle, Shado Group has announced that they will be investing $10 million over a span of two years. There will be a factory set up in Pune, and a manufacturing target will be about 1000 units per month. 

The Proprietary Ultracapacitor Battery: How Good Is It?

The Govt of India has been promoting the use of electric vehicles, and has even simplified the rules and processes for the people looking to buy electric vehicles. 

However, people prefer vehicles run on traditional fuels, rather than electric vehicles, only for one reason – the trials and troubles of charging the vehicle. 

However, these three-wheelers will come with the Shado Group’s proprietary ultracapacitor battery, which runs on di-electric material, and therefore does not emit any chemical reaction. This is why the battery is bound to last longer, unlike the other batteries.

It will be functioning on Shado Group’s proprietary AI-based self-learning algorithm. This opens a wide window for the drivers of the vehicle. A number of charging options will be available for drivers to choose from. This includes the on-grid charging stations in some set locations that will be connected to an electric grid.

Charging will definitely be easier on this three-wheeler, and given the wide amount of usage of three-wheelers in India, it seems that this electric vehicle will be well received.

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