Apple Will Soon Launch Online Portal For Selling iPhones in India; Flipkart, Amazon No Longer Needed!

Apple Will Soon Launch Online Portal For Selling iPhones in India
Apple Will Soon Launch Online Portal For Selling iPhones in India

The Government of India has recently decided to allow foreign single brand retailers to sell their commodities online, even before they set up physical stores in India. 

This makes us wonder if the e-commerce giants in India will survive, now that brands no longer need their assistance in selling their products. 

Apple Inc has its preparations in full swing in order to take full advantage of India’s changed policies. The popular smartphone brand is all set to start selling smartphones and other devices through online portals.

Will these brands no longer need popular e-commerce giants such as Flipkart and Amazon? Lets find out!

Govt. Modifies FDI Norms

The Government of India, headed by the minister of commerce,  Piyush Goyal has recently loosened the noose on the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) norms, including those related to single brand retail trading. 

The Government has discarded the old policy of 30 per cent local sourcing. Additionally, a previous rule that did not allow online selling of goods without a physical store open in the country has gone to the bin as well. Now, there is no need for ‘prior opening of brick and mortar stores’ to sell goods online. 

The FDI norms were modified with an intention to “liberalize and simplify the FDI policy to provide ease of doing business in the country, leading to larger FDI inflows and thereby contributing to the growth of investment, income, and employment.” 

Apple To Start Online Sale In India Within Months; Does This Mean Flipkart, Amazon No Longer Needed? 

The current scenario dictates that if you want to buy an Apple product, you either have to go to an offline store that sells Apple devices or rely on Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm Mall and other e-commerce platforms. 

However, now that the Govt has made changes in the existing norms, Apple’s plans of selling devices online in India is going at full speed. The company has revealed that they might start online sales of devices in a short span of just a few months. 

40% of Apple’s sale in India is due to online sales, and selling their devices online directly to the customer instead of a medium is always a practical and convenient option. Apple has also been protesting against the rule of the Indian Government of having to establish a physical store before selling products online. 

And they finally got their wish!

IKEA, Uniqlo and H&M, are some other brands that will also initiate direct sale to customers through their official online pages rather than relying on e-commerce giants. 

We’ll keep you informed as more updates come in!

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