Indian Railways Ban Plastics Inside Trains, Stations From October 2nd; Catering Staff Ordered To Pick Plastic Bottles

Indian Railways Ban Plastics Inside Trains, Stations From October 2nd
Indian Railways Ban Plastics Inside Trains, Stations From October 2nd

A clean environment is green environment. 

Indian railways is about to take strong actions in this direction. A circular has been issued on August 19th 2019, in which, Indian Railways has declared to ban single-use plastics in railway premises, trains and platforms. 

Only the plastic with less than 50-micron thickness will be considered for this ban. 

Note here, that in records, single-use plastic has been banned in 18 states and UTs (union territory). But the implementation of these rules is another story altogether.

Plastic Banned Across Trains, Railway Stations

As we know that this Independence Day, PM Narendra Modi had asked for a ban of single use plastic in his speech. Swachh Bharat or Clean India has been a major Govt. initiative and mission since last 5 years.

In past also several actions are taken in this direction like single use plastic ban in Maharashtra

If we aspire to live in a clean and healthy environment then every individual has to do their share of work. With this declaration of plastic ban, Indian Railways becomes first government organization to ban single use plastic. Also it encourages other departments to follow through this movement and create an example.

Plastic Ban From October 2nd, Gandhi Jayanti

For showing commitment towards this goal, Railway Ministry has instructed its railway staff to perform a pledge on October 2nd. Hence, the mission to stop usage of plastics in and around the Railway Stations and train starts from October 2nd, which is also the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

Besides, railways passengers will be educated in this regard. To create awareness, information, education and communication medium will be adapted by railway staff.

Railway Catering Staff Will Pick Plastic Bottles

You might have seen plastic bottles littered around many places, either platforms or train compartments. 

But this will now change, as it was asked from catering staff to collect the empty plastic bottles from passengers after their use.  These bottles will be crushed so that it can be recycled or managed properly.

Railway Ministry has instructed for installation of plastic bottle crusher in railway stations. Authorities to accelerate its first phase with the installation of 1,853 plastic water bottle crushing machines at 360 major railway stations. This will be implemented through RITES (Engineering Services Company).

Authorities are also to instruct the railway vendors to avoid the use of plastic carry bags. The staff has to reduce the use of plastic products as much as possible.

Also they have to refuse the use of any kind of plastic resources. In addition to this they have to encourage the use of other eco-friendly materials instead of plastic. To implement this they are instructed to use inexpensive reusable bags made with materials which can be easily recycled.

Indian railway is aimed to make this mission successful and equipped to provide enough resources and time to this mission.

 This can be considered a big step to make Indian railways plastic free.

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