Realme 64MP Quad Camera Tech Unveiled: Here’s How It Fares

As if the 64MP camera technology wasn’t enough, Xioami is now set to unveil the first 100MP smartphone in the world. As companies are fighting it out to become the first to launch a 64MP camera smartphone, Xiaomi has confirmed that they will soon be launching a 100MP camera smartphone.

Xiaomi 100MP Camera Phone vs Realme 64MP Quad Camera Phone: Here’s How They Fare

Xiaomi first unveiled its 64MP camera technology, and then Realme held an event at Delhi to showcase its own 64MP imaging tech.

Soon after Realme unveiled its very first 64MP camera phone, Xiaomi announced that a 100MP camera smartphone is in the pipeline for the company. They are also working on a 64MP smartphone, and now a 100MP camera phone will launch soon.

Xiaomi 100MP Camera Phone: Mi MIX 4?

According to the rumours, the Xiaomi 100MP camera phone is going to be Mi MIX 4. It’s going to be the first smartphone to come with 100MP camera technology. The 100MP device has been confirmed by Xiaomi global team. Xiaomi India MD Manu Jain also confirmed the 100MP smartphone.

With Manu Jain sharing the news, we can assume that the 100MP Xiaomi smartphone will launch in India.

The company hasn’t official confirmed anything, but considering India being an important market for the company, there are chances that 100MP camera phone will come to the country. India is Xioami’s largest market outside home turf China.

The Xiaomi 100MP camera will offer a screen resolution of 12032 x 9024 pixels.

We don’t know anything else, but a  100MP camera phone is in the works. It’s most likely the Mi MIX 4. The company is working on a 100MP camera flagship phone, and it’s supposed to be grand. The company started with the much-hyped 48MP camera technology followed by a 64MP camera smartphone and now a 100MP camera device.

Realme 64MP Quad Camera Phone Ready: 100MP Camera Tech Next?

Realme has its 64MP camera smartphone ready. It could either be Realme 5 or Realme 5 Pro, and will launch in the month of September. One of the sensors in the four camera system has a 4cm macro camera. The company unveiled how the technology will help to capture macro shots.

This is similar to the technology from the Huawei flagships with macro cameras.

The quad camera setup on Realme may match upto the level of P30 Pro and Honor 20 Pro. The additional sensors do help to offer different kinds of shots. The Realme 64MP quad camera setup will also include a 119-degree ultra wide-angle camera.

The company is yet to reveal the name of its upcoming 64MP camera phone, but according to the ongoing rumours, the 64MP device could be called Realme 5 or Realme 5 Pro.

As far as the 100MP camera is concerned, Realme is yet to confirm its own 100MP camera technology. Xiaomi and Realme has turned out to be cut-throat competitors, and they will be challenging each other in the coming years. Both Realme and Xiaomi will be launching a 64MP camera phone in the second half of 2019.

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