Realme 5 Battery Blast: Here’s What Happened & 5 Things Realme Users Must Know

Realme 5 battery exploded in Haryana. The incident occurred in the Bhiwani district of state, the Realme 5 unit caught fire while the user was driving his bike and the smartphone was in his trouser’s pocket.

Realme 5 Battery Blast: Here’s What Happened & 5 Things Realme Users Must Know (img: MySmartPrice)

Reported by MySmartPrice, the user’s name is Amit Rathi, the incident happened while he was riding.

He noticed that the Realme 5 unit in his pocket caught fire and he immediately threw it away. The device burnt in no time and the user was able to escape with minor burns in his body. The device has burnt down completely.


Realme 5 Blast: The Realme 5 Explosion!

As the user was riding his bike, the Realme 5 in his trouser’s pocket caught fire. He threw out the device and the phone was burnt down in some seconds completely destroying the device. 

The images of the burnt down Realme 5 were also shared, and it reveals a destroyed Realme 5 into pieces.

Recently, a similar incident happened with Redmi Note 7 Pro, when the device exploded some days back in Gurgaon. The incident occurred on March 17, and the user later took the device to a nearby Realme service center.

Realme Service Center Asked For 50 Percent Cost For Handset Replacement: Allegation

After the user took the device to a Realme service centre, they asked for a 50 percent cost of the device to be replaced. Initially the service center decided to replace the burnt down Realme 5 unit free-of-cost, but then asked for a 50 percent cost of the handset.

The user is said to have a recorded phone call where the alleged service centre representative is asking for a 50 percent price of the device.

Realme 5 Blast: What Realme Has To Say?

Realme has stated and confirmed that the user’s phone battery has caught fire, and after they analyzed the phone it was found to be badly deformed by external forces, and the battery was punctured. It caused the Realme 5 battery to catch fire.

The company has offered a fifty percent discount, where the user will have to pay 50% of the cost to get a new Realme 5. 

To it, the user did not agree, and took the matter to social media and complained over different platforms. The company is now in further communication with other users. 

Realme 5 Explosion: So, Why Did it Happen?

Realme has alleged that the burnt down Realme 5 already had faults in it. The company released a set of pictures of its own to indicate the damages already available on the said device. The faults have been marked out by Realme itself.

There’s a wide puncture in the middle of the device which caused the explosion. With the external force applied around the space, it caught fire.

Also, not only the Realme 5 battery was found to be punctured, Realme claimed that the motherboard was damaged at the same time.

The company said that such damages are not possible under normal usage. 

Application of external force to the back panel caused deformation, and as a result damaged the motherboard, punctured the battery and at the same time caused the display to come out of the frame, later inducing the explosion. 

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