Wipro Says Americans Are Better Than Indians In Coding, 65% Of All New Hires Are From USA!

Wipro hired 65% of all freshers from America
Wipro hired 65% of all freshers from America

Wipro, which has been dislodged from its #3 position in the ranking of top IT firms in India by HCL, is keen on hiring Americans, more than Indians.

This may sound like partiality, but they have a strong logic here: As per Wipro, Americans freshers are better than Indians in programming and coding, and ‘deploying them’ is faster.

This is the reason that in the last quarter, 65% of all new hires in Wipro were Americans.

This is a massive shift in technology hiring, and can set a new benchmark.

Wipro: Americans Are Better Than Indians In Coding

During the April-June quarter this year, Wipro hired 6500 freshers globally.

Out of this, 65% or 4225 freshers were Americans.

This leaves only 35% of the freshers as non-Americans, which can include Indians as well. This makes employment opportunities for Indians less, and for Americans more.

The logic behind this decision by Wipro is that, Americans are better in coding and programming.

This has been confirmed by Wipro HR head Saurabh Govil, who has said that the skills related with ‘programming, coding and communication’ of Americans are more ‘application oriented’, and they can be ‘deployed’ faster.

He said, “We had given a coding test, and from the best of these colleges from India in coding (and saw) there was still a distance to cover,” 

Indians, on the other hand, need training and reskilling to match the standards.

He said, “But, I think programming, coding and communication skills – you will see the quality of people, they are much more application oriented (and) their ability to get deployed is faster.” 

Besides, he also said that the cost of hiring an Indian, and then sending them to American on H1B visa after training them, is more or less same. So, for Wipro, it’s better to hire Americans, than hire Indians.

This can be a big blow to Indian freshers, who had dreams of working with a company like Wipro. 

Infosys too is determined to hire more Americans, as the hassles of H1B visas are less, and they ‘cost’ same as hiring Indians.

TCS Hires 30,000 Freshers From India

Meanwhile TCS, India’s biggest IT firm, is continuing to bet on Indians.

This fiscal year, they have offered employment to 30,000 freshers from India, and they strongly believe that their long term IT projects will continue to assist them in absorbing the freshers.

40% of all new freshers this year have been on-boarded across various projects.

With overall 12,000 new gain, this fiscal has been one of the best years for TCS.

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