Firefox Now Automatically Blocks Trackers, Cookies For Every Website; This Is How You Can Disable This Feature

Firefox will automatically block trackers, cookies
Firefox will automatically block trackers, cookies

FPrivacy is the focus of this year as many giant companies such as Facebook, Google have been working really hard to improve it after the major backlash received by them.

And seems like Mozilla, the company behind the open source browser firefox is not far behind. It has been working vigorously on improving the security so that the users can have a secure browsing experience.


New Firefox Tools Will Block Third- Party Cookies

Mozilla has released its now turned Enhanced Tracking Protection”, a privacy tool that automatically blocks website cookies that allows advertisers and publishers track users across the Web, which was first announced in 2018.

First Party cookies come from the website operator whereas third party cookies come from the website operator and the analytics firms that are plugged in the sites which track your activity even across other websites.

If you are a new user of the Firefox browser , you will find that the Enhanced Tracking Protection service to bet already set to the Standard setting, which means that it will automatically block the Third-Party trackers.

How To Detect When Content Blocking Setting Is On?

site info icon
Address bar shield

The next time you open any website, look out for information and shield icons (as shown above) , which indicates that there is blockable trackers on the page.

Now, this certainly does not promise a complete guarantee of your privacy but still having barrier is helpful than remaining completely vulnerable to the attack.

How To Turn Off Content Blocking On Individual Sites?

While it is a pretty amazing tool to secure your privacy, it can sometimes create a problem by preventing the pages or parts of pages from loading.

The best part is that you can disable it off individual sites instead of disabling it as a whole.

  1. Click on the Shield icon or the Information icon to expand the Center Panel.
  2. Click on “Turn off Blocking For This Site” button to disable the blocking for the website , if you are in a normal window.
  3. If you are browsing in a private window, click on “Turn Off Blocking Temporarily” button.
shield icon strikethrough

Once the blocking is disabled, the shield icon will have a strikethrough (as shown above) indicating that the blocking has been disabled.

Other Privacy Focused Updates Include-

Facebook Container add-on extension that now blocks Like and Share button by the Social media giant as these buttons send tracking data between various sites and Facebook itself.

Firefox Lockwise has a new update in the form add-on for your desktop, a way to keep the passwords safe across all the platforms.

Another breach monitoring service launched by Firefox is Have I Been Pwned, that check your email for potential breaches.

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