Buying Tata Sky Set-Top Box? How To Chose The Best Among Four? (In-depth Buying Guide)

Tata Sky Set Top Box

Are you looking to buy a new connection of Tata Sky for your TV? You probably know that there are four different versions of the set-top box and that Tata Sky has reduced the price of it by Rs. 400 now.

To help you choose the optimum set-top box for your TV, here are the details of all the four types of the Tata Sky set-top box.


Tata Sky SD Digital Set Top Box

Priced at Rs. 1,499, this is a basic level set-top box and if you have one of the older versions of the television which do not have HDMI ports, the SD Digital STB (set-top box) will work with it. The SD Digital STB will show the television content in a DVD picture quality.

There are also other features included, such as Cooking, Music, FunLearn, parental control, and auto standby.

The price does not include the channel pack, and you will have to buy it separately. Depending on which channel pack you choose, there will be additional charges which will include the subscription fees, Network Capacity Fees (NCF) and taxes as well.

Tata Sky HD Digital Set Top Box

This the STB you want to buy for a great cinematic experience, as Tata Sky HD STB backs 1080i resolution and a 16:9 aspect ratio. It also supports Dolby Digital Surround and Plus Surround Sound.

This version of Tata Sky’s STB comes at Rs. 1,699 which does not include a channel pack. Apparently, Tata Sky is planning to offer subscription packages, such as the HD Hindi Lite pack at Rs. 2,091 and HD Premium Sports English HD at Rs. 2,542.

Tata Sky+ HD Digital Set Top Box

This is the most expensive of all the versions, priced at Rs. 9,300 as it offers viewers some more advanced features such as 1080i resolution with cinema style Dolby Digital Surround Sound. Video on Demand (VoD) and Karaoke system is also present in this particular STB.

The Tata Sky+ HD STB also enables viewers to record TV shows on three separate channels even in standby mode. This STB also comes with multiple different features such as pausing, rewinding, or forwarding TV shows and movies.

Additionally, the STB supports a 500GB hard drive and viewers will gain access to Tata Sky Web apps as well.

Tata Sky Ultra HD 4K Set Top Box

The Tata Sky Ultra HD 4K is priced at Rs. 6,400 and offers 4K channels (which have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels), which are not available in India as yet. This STB has the HDMI 2.0 and the True Colour feature, but there is no VoD or Karaoke.

Tata Sky Changes Warranty of STBs

Tata Sky has decided to change the existing conditions of warranty in a positive way. The popular DTH operator will extend its base warranty up to three years for new activation or subscribers.

There will be some different rules during the three years of the said warranty as well. In the first year after activation, there will be no material charge for replacement and service visits will be free of cost too.

After the first year ends, the conditions will change and will remain the same for the second and third year of warranty. During these years, there will be no material charge, but the service visits will be charged.

Of course, any damages done by the customer will be chargeable during the three years of warranty.

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