Tata Sky Will Terminate All Multi-TV Plans From June 15; Monthly Bill Can Increase By 100%

Tata Sky has finally decided to follow TRAI’s rules on multi-TV plans/connections, and this is not a piece of good news for Tata Sky users.

Some users with more than one connection can see their bills going up by 100% next month.

And the reason is that, Tata Sky has decided to terminate all multi-TV plans effective June 15th.

How will it impact you?

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Tata Sky: No More Multi-TV Plans Effective June 15th

Tata Sky has sent notifications to all users, informing them that after June 15th, all existing multi-TV connection plans will be terminated.

In case users have selected the same plan for every multi-TV connection, then the user will be charged separately for each connection: Hence, if a user has two Tata Sky connections in one home, and if he has not chosen any plan for multi-TV connection, then the total bill for July can be 100% more.

One Tata Sky representative said, “If you do not change your packs of secondary boxes, then post June, your prices of each box will be same as that of primary box price.”

Tata Sky is suggesting to all users with multi-TV connections to opt for new plans for each separate connection, in order to bring down the expenses.

No Plans For Multi-TV Connections

Tata Sky has made it clear that there will be no separate plans for multi-TV connections, and hence, Tata Sky will treat every connection as the primary one.

This made the situation dicey, as now, every connection under the Tata Sky plans is primary and main.

Tata Sky Competitors Are Offering Cheaper Multi-TV Plans

As of now, d2H is offering the best multi-TV connection plan, which is certainly the cheapest as of now: Users will just need to pay Rs 50 as Network Capacity Fees for each new connection, under the main plan, and that’s pretty economical.

On the other hand, Airtel Digital TV is offering Rs 50 discount on every new connection under multi-TV set-up.

But Why Tata Sky Is Doing This?

On the broader level, this may seem as an unfair move by Tata Sky for multi-TV users.

But actually, Tata Sky is following TRAI’s order on the new Cable TV regime.

In the month of February, Tata Sky had strategically reduced the tariff of multi-TV plans, which didn’t go down well with TRAI.

TRAI stated that the discount on multi-TV connections should be applicable only on NCF charges, and not on Pay channel costs.

It is expected that Tata Sky will soon release new plans and offers for multi-TV users, and we will keep you updated, as we receive more news.

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