Redmi K20 Series Price For India Is Out: It Will Cost Cheaper Than China Variants!

Xiaomi India head Manu Kumar Jain has confirmed that the much-anticipated Redmi K20 series will launch in India by mid-July. That’s less than six weeks from now. But more interestingly, the Redmi K20 series devices in India are said to be launching at a lesser price than China.

In China, the regular Redmi K20 starts at Rs 20,500 (converted), while the Redmi K20 Pro at Rs 25,500 (converted).

Starting with Redmi K20, the regular model will take on Realme X in India, while the top model, Redmi K20 Pro will target the entry premium space as the first generation Poco F1. Redmi K20 Pro is not going to be a Poco F1 successor as confirmed by the company, and will launch with the same name in India.

Redmi K20 Series India Price: How Much To Cost In India?

The current reports suggest that both the Redmi K20 smartphones will cost lesser than priced in China. Redmi K20 in India will take on the likes of Realme X. The Realme device will also launch in the country during the same period in July.

Redmi K20 runs on Snapdragon 730 processor, while Realme X was launched with Snapdragon 710 processor in China.

The Realme smartphone has been rumoured to launch in India with an upgraded Snapdragon 730 to challenge Redmi K20.

Realme X starts at around Rs 15,500 (converted) in China. With the upgraded processor, the prices of both the smartphones would compliment each other and will be available starting at a price at around 18,000 rupees or more.

Realme India CEO Madhav Seth confirmed that Realme X will launch in the country in the mid-year, sometime in July with different specs. This directly hints at an upgraded processor, as the company was previously reported to be working on a smartphone with the newly launched Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor.

The company has also revealed that Realme X will be available at around Rs 18,000 in the country.

In comparison, Redmi K20 starts at INR 20,500, if converted. The only extra feature Redmi K20 offers over Realme X is an additional rear camera sensor. The rest of the specs are almost identical. So, Xiaomi will target Realme X in India with an almost similar price at around Rs 18,000, making it cheaper in India compared to China.

Redmi K20 Pro India Price: Redmi K20 India Launch

Redmi K20 series will launch in India in the next six weeks, as confirmed by the company CEO & MD, Manu Kumar Jain. Both the new Redmi flagships: Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro will launch in India in mid-July, probably by the third week of the month.

While Redmi K20 has Realme X to challenge it up, the Pro model won’t face any big competition in terms of price.

The reports suggest at a lesser price than the current Chinese pricing, so probably the cost may get cheaper than the current starting price of INR 25,500 (converted) in India.

The Redmi K20 Pro was till now being expected to be priced at around 25,000 rupees in the country.

But according to the recent reports, the Redmi top flagship will also get a cheaper price tag in India, making it the cheapest Snapdragon 855 smartphone in the country. Even Poco F1 has been permanently discounted in the country, is now available starting at Rs 17,999.

We are still a few weeks away from launch and Xiaomi is gearing up to take up the mid-range and entry-premium by storm again with the all new Redmi K20 series.

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