Redmi Will Launch 48MP Smartphone In India – Is This Redmi S Series, Poco F2 Or Mi A3?

Xiaomi India head Manu Kumar Jain has triggered a new wave of speculations and theories, by announcing that a new 48 Mega Pixel smartphone will be launched in India, very soon.

The emphasis here is on 48 Mega Pixels camera, and we already have three contenders for the same: Will it be Redmi S Series; Poco F2 or Mi A3?

We will try to find out the truth, right here!

Redmi Flagship With 48 Mega Pixels Camera Coming Soon

Redmi Note 7 Pro, which has sold more than 20 lakh units in India in just two weeks, has been a blockbuster smartphone with 48 Mega Pixels camera.

While sharing the success story of Redmi Note 7 Pro, Manu Kumar Jain has officially teased that a new 48 Mega Pixel camera is coming to India, very soon.

In the tweet, he also emphasized the fact that Redmi Note 7 Pro is not the only smartphone from Redmi with 48 Mega Pixels.

This can be seen as a statement and a declaration that Redmi is all set to unleash several other 48 mega pixel smartphones soon.

His tweet:

Redmi 48 Mega Pixel Smartphone: Redmi S Series; Poco F2 or Mi A3?

There are three smartphones which are about to be launched by Redmi, globally:

Redmi X, which has now been confirmed as Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro, which will be launched in China. In India, it can be S-Series.

Poco F2, which will be the successor of extremely successfully Poco F1

And Mi A3, the successor of Mi A2, which was launched last year. But since it’s Redmi series, the possibility of Mi A3 is less.

Now, this new 48 mega pixel flagship from Redmi can be any one of these.

In the Tweet, the image emphasises on the letter ‘S’, which means that K20Pro and K20 can be launched as S-series smartphone in India, from Redmi.

Processor Of The New Redmi Flagship With 48 MP Camera

Now, when it comes to the processor part, then there can be two theories:

Either it will be powered with Snapdragon 730 or Snapdragon 730G processor, or the latest Snapdragon 855 processor.

In case if its Snapdragon 855 processor, then this 48-MP camera smartphone can be Redmi X or Redmi K20 Pro. 8GB RAM and 256 GB of Internal storage is also almost confirmed. If that’s the case, then Sony IMX 586 sensor is also confirmed.

This same K-series smartphone (or S-series in India) can be launched as Poco F2 in India, as per some theories.

On the other hand, if its Redmi Mi A3, then this can have Snapdragon 700 series proceesor, as we speculated earlier.

Android Q is also confirmed for this new series.

Nothing is confirmed as of now.

We will keep you updated, as we receive more updates.

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